Salvatori presents the new Hito bathroom collection



This intense focus on the individual is also perfectly in keeping with the Japanese culture, which has long been a source of inspiration for Piero Lissoni. Personal care and wellbeing are viewed almost as a ritual, and we wanted to translate that into bathrooms that go beyond functional to become a type of sanctuary

The Hito collection places the individual at the heart of its design

Hito, by Piero Lissoni for Salvatori, combines Made in Italy design and customisation to perfection for bathroom décors that reflect the individual user’s needs and habits.

Hito is all about putting the user at the heart of everything, with the name itself a derivation of the Japanese symbol “人” which means “person”. It was chosen precisely for its succinct description of the philosophy behind the collection, which enables customers to assemble a complete vanity unit from a truly comprehensive range of modular elements. These include integrated and countertop basins; drawers, storage cubbyholes, mirrors, stools, a set of freestanding drawers, drawer organisers and even a mini-fridge that stores beauty products at the ideal temperature.

The idea was to go beyond the standard offerings in terms of bathroom décor solutions, which often take a blanket approach without considering that we all have different rituals. Instead, Hito is designed to adapt to trends and to the personal requirements of every individual.

With its Japanese-inspired elegance and clean lines, Hito also chimes perfectly with the concept of co-creation that runs through our 2023 Milan Design Week collections and activities. In other words, it invites clients to actively participate in the final design, as opposed to being a one-way process.


Taking customisable design to the next level

Apart from eye-pleasing forms and meticulous attention to detail, what sets Hito apart is the harmonious combination of stone, wood and glass in creating innovative solutions that take bathroom décor to another level.

The pared-back style and exquisite details that are such a hallmark of both Japanese design and Piero Lissoni’s approach give form to streamlined pieces that would be just as at home in the displays of high-end fashion boutiques.

The countertop, which includes a built-in backsplash, is available in the core palette of Salvatori stones and features a distinctive 45° cut along its edges, testimony to the brand’s meticulous craftmanship. The vanity unit features a series of open and closed “cubby holes” in a choice of wood or transparent and mirrored glass. These are designed to hold more precious objects, while items used for everyday routines, such as makeup, haircare products and grooming accessories, find a home inside a customisable drawer organiser in wood or stone. Details include built-in LED lighting inside the drawers and countertop storage boxes, delivering functionality and creating an intimate atmosphere.


Hito also includes a wheeled cabinet that is available with drawers or as a minifridge, the latter option boasting a latest-generation solution that is designed specifically for storing beauty products at the correct temperature.

Rounding out the collection are a mirror, a hand-decorated ceramic pouf and a natural stone countertop with a choice of a countertop or integrated washbasin for a final touch of understated luxury.


A quick chat with Piero Lissoni

Where does the inspiration for this new collection come from?

I decided upon a very architectural scale, and so Hito is a series of suspended volumes that become part of the dialogue with their surroundings. I tend to follow the rules of architecture even when I design objects and it’s a direction I have always believed should be respected. For me, a Salvatori bathroom is the perfect fusion, as they are essentially architectural objects.

Why did you particularly want to develop a customisable bathroom collection that was based on the needs of different individuals?

We are living in times where it’s more important than ever to celebrate differences and uniqueness. Personalisation is key and as such, brands like Salvatori need to focus on offering tailormade solutions. And so, with Hito, we wanted to address the wide-ranging needs of customers and give them a comprehensive selection so that they can find their perfect combination.


How does the choice of materials impact the design of a product?

Every design is created based on the material or materials used, and these are in turn fundamental in dictating the product itself. Definitely the choice of materials was key in terms of designing the Hito collection, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The Hito collection represents a sophisticated fusion of architecture, design and minimalism, conceived as a response to the everyday needs of the individual. It also invites customers to become co-creators of their bathroom, involving them in making the final result incredibly intimate and personal.

If you would like to know more, Milan Design Week 2023 is the perfect opportunity. We invite you to visit our showroom at via Solferino 11 in the Brera district of Milan where you will discover the world of Salvatori design.

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