Inspiring examples of Total Look bathrooms in natural stone



Create a soothing, luxurious haven in your own home with a Total Look décor. We’ve put together examples from white to dark to help you choose your perfect Italian bathroom look

The allure of a Total Look designer bathroom

If you want to achieve a harmonious, immersive bathroom style, a “total look” approach is the ideal solution. This most intimate of spaces in our homes lends itself perfectly to becoming a relaxing haven and the choice of a single colour palette not only does that, but with the right choice of tone and décor, is also extremely elegant.

By opting for just one colour, you avoid any jarring visual elements and focus on a clean, uniform aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean the effect is bland or flat. The idea is to create interesting interplays of light and shadow, using lighting to deliver unexpected depth and dynamism.

Whether you choose total black or a complete look in lighter hues, you can be sure of a daring monochromatic result that bring stunning spaces to life. While they represent the latest trend in bathroom décor, they are also timeless and are easily personalised or refreshed with simple touches.

From a spa-effect décor to a more classic look, Total Look never fails to deliver in the style stakes. In this article we take a look at a handful of examples in natural stone that demonstrate the stunning results you can achieve.


How to create a stylish dark bathroom

A total black or dark-coloured bathroom must surely be one of the most elegant interior design solutions. Dark, unexpected and always striking, when it comes to life in natural stone, it is even more stunning. The unique veins and surface patterning interact with the light to deliver an intriguing atmosphere that exudes understated luxury.

The example in the photo is a Salvatori Total Look bathroom in Pietra d’Avola, a limestone in rich dark brown tones that can appear almost black in certain contexts. The star of the show is undoubtably the Balnea bathtub, with a stellar supporting cast that includes a pair of vanity units from the same collection, designed by Elisa Ossino. Plissé texture on the walls adds a lovely sense of depth while an Urano lamp in Bianco Carrara and colourful stool add just the right touch of contrast.

Designer bathroom trends may come and go with the seasons but a minimalist black or dark colour scheme never passes out of fashion. Perfect for larger bathrooms, it is a solution that you will never tire of.


How to create a stylish all-white bathroom

At the other end of the colour spectrum, an all-white Total Look bathroom is always a crowd pleaser with its pristine aesthetic and incredible capacity to make even the smallest space seem larger and airier.

This example in Bianco Carrara shows how white does not necessarily have to mean stark or cold. This is where natural stone comes into its own, as you avoid any sense of flatness or a sterile environment, as the different tones and the lovely veins in shades of light to dark grey ensure there is plenty of movement and interest.

Texture comes in the form of Stone Parquet on the floor for a timeless, elegant look, paired with the ribbed effect of Plissé drawer facings on the Balnea vanity unit which combines practical storage with a stylish integrated basin.

The result is a balanced, linear look that combines the traditional visual harmony of a white bathroom with ultra-contemporary forms and design.


Other colour schemes for a Total Look bathroom

The beauty of the Total Look approach is that you can adapt it to a variety of colours that are ideal for a modern bathroom style, including beige, light grey and brown.

In this bathroom, we have used Silk Georgette®, a lovely limestone with tones ranging from beige to grey depending on the light. Our Romboo finish accentuates the interplay with light and shadow for a dynamic, intriguing effect that is the perfect counterpoint to classic honed tiles on the floor and wall behind the basin.

Grey is another colour that offers a myriad of possibilities, particularly when you use a stone with interesting shade variations such as Gris du Marais®, an unconventional marble with a wonderful dappled surface. In this stylish space, it is used in Lithoverde®, the world’s first recycled stone texture. Combined with the Ninfa console basin, it creates an inviting and exceptionally elegant bathroom sanctuary.


Modular furniture and stylish mirrors complete the look

Modular furniture is ideal for a Total Look composition when it is available in materials that match those used on the walls or floor. The result is a seamless flow across every element of a bathroom so that you end up with a clean, harmonious environment that fosters a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

The eye is not drawn to any particular part of the bathroom, but instead takes in the holistic effect. Our Adda modular drawers are an example of how to achieve this, available with facings in a smooth or ribbed stone that you can match to the surroundings, or, if you want to add in just a hint of another material that is still in keeping with the naturalness of stone, facings in oak or walnut wood.

The same philosophy holds for the Fontane Bianche collection designed by Elisa Ossino. The Alfeo basin can be paired with Ciane drawers in the same stone to create an elegant vanity unit with practical storage space that doesn’t interrupt the aesthetic.

One final element that should not be overlooked is a mirror, particularly in a small or dark bathroom as this plays an important role in making the entire space appear larger and focusing our attention on particular areas of interest.


The advantages of a Total Look bathroom

What makes a Total Look bathroom so special? Above all, it is a breeze to create a defined look that will prove timeless, transcending seasonal trends and fads.

Using the same colour or materials creates harmonious, elegant décors and at the same time provides a fantastic backdrop for adding accessories that either tie with the colour scheme or provide an interesting contrast. These are easy to change out over time if you want to freshen them up or replace them for whatever reason.

These could be in the form of a Flamingo towel rack with its wonderful combination of different-coloured stones that add a splash of eclectic style to an elegant Silk Georgette® bathroom, for example. Even a colourful soap, bath salts or bowl of potpourri can be enough to inject a little brightness and contrast into a stylish neutral bathroom.

When it comes to luxury bathrooms, a single colour scheme is an infallible starting point. The variety of materials and colours is substituted by a more sober, understated palette that brings together sanitaryware, wall and floor coverings and furniture to create a sophisticated setting that awaits your final creative flourishes.

Our bathrooms in marble and limestone feature products that are the fruit of renowned international designers, brought to life by skilled Italian artisans to create elegant, functional solutions.

If you appreciate great design and would love to develop your own Total Look bathroom, we invite you to book a complimentary consultation either online with one of our experts or at one of our showrooms where you will be able to touch and experience the quality of our bathrooms at first hand.

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