Connection: a playlist by New York designers Yabu Pushelberg



“We were delighted to have been asked to assemble a playlist for Salvatori, we didn’t know where to begin. What many of us might want to listen to right now are simpler thoughts or feelings rather than a message-focused list.

We decided to go with songs that centre around human emotion and real acts of affection. Time and again, feelings of unrequited love, longing and a deeper love that transcends the personal to the collective, are something anyone of any generation can connect with. We are all connected after all. The playlist’s various musical genres coalesce into one. These stories have been told time and again. Each track was performed either by the artist themself or remixed with a strong presence of personality that’s open to a wide range of musical interpretations. Wordsmith revelations will not be found within the lyrics of any of these songs, yet it’s a testament to the strength and power of love and compassion which can be especially potent and purposeful right now.”

George Yabu


Everything I Wanted (Cobra$ remix)
Billie Eilish (Cobra$ remix)

A subtle, higher tempo and a soupçon of French rap adds a fresh layer.

Time After Time
Tuck and Patti

A most soulful rendition of a song that’s often covered, time and again.

The Look of Love 
Dusty Springfield

Dusty’s her name and “dusty” is how I describe her textured vocals which can’t be ignored.

Do You Want to Dance? 
Bette Midler

Right now, I really would!

Agua de Beber
Astrud Gilberto

Rio as I see and feel it from the Brazilian cultural heyday of the sixties and no doubt, Gabriele will adore hearing Ms.G’s voice.


Young Hearts run free

A dance fluff-piece made modern by a local Toronto artist

God Only Knows
Beach Boys

California dreaming; always and forever.

I wanna be your lover

Rolling Stone Magazine once declared this pop anthem by Prince to be a (structurally) worthy pop anthem. To be memorable it‘s gotta “hook” you within the first eight seconds or less.” It delivers on this count.__.

Kygo (w. Conrad Sewell)

While on a trip to L.A., Dutch songwriter, Martijn Konijnenburg saw a Firestone billboard in L.A. which inspired him to write this song. Well, all I can say is I often find inspiration on and off the road.

Mystery of Love
Sufjan Stevens

An etherealness that speaks volumes in the hushed vocals.

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