How to get the most out of an outdoor space in three simple steps



Discover how to transform your patio or courtyard into a delightful haven with 3 simple design tips

3 design tips to help you create the perfect outdoor space

A garden, patio or courtyard is not just the outdoor area of our home, but can add a whole new dimension to our daily and seasonal rituals. Just as the living room and kitchen reflect our taste and lifestyle, outdoor spaces are an extension of who we are and what we’re passionate about.

By putting care into their design and décor, they can become a welcome sanctuary and the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate the mind and soul.
It’s surprisingly easy to create a stunning al fresco space from evening the plainest, smallest backyard or patio, as long as you find the right base elements in the form of tables, seating, plants, candles, lights and pots.

These are the accessories, of course, which can be periodically changed, but what about the actual floor? This is where natural stone is the perfect solution for a patio. Not only is it durable and hardwearing, but it brings a sophisticated aesthetic to outdoor living zones.

So how do you make the most of this precious space? In this article, we’ll share three simple tips and show you how to achieve privacy, charm and a minimalist design approach by choosing elegant furnishings and outdoor stone tiles.


A private, intimate outdoor space

If you live or work in a busy town, a calm, relaxing patio or courtyard is not just a nice to have, but can be considered a necessity, as a way to reset and recharge after a day in a hectic environment.

When it comes to creating a sense of tranquillity, nothing beats greenery, so constructing a natural fence in the form of a hedge kills two birds with one stone because it also delivers privacy and delineates your property. For a fast-growing high barrier, bamboo is ideal, whilst also creating an exotic theme that evokes faraway lands.

The next step is to decide on the layout of your external area and choose the right furniture and accessories. If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, patio or courtyard, you could add an elegant screen and delineate an intimate area for dining, whether that is for romantic candlelit dinners or a relaxed long breakfast or brunch. For a décor that is sophisticated yet inviting, choose a simple table and bench seating such as our pieces in Bianco Carrara marble from the Span collection, and combine them with a floor in dark brown Pietra d’Avola stone tiles.

If your idea of the perfect outdoor space is somewhere to spend the time relaxing with a good book or your favourite playlist, or to wind down at the end of a day with a drink, opt for outdoor sofas and the Curl Chaise longue. Then, simply add Elisa Ossino’s Proiezione Coffee table in Nero Marquinia and Bianco Carrara marbles and you have a stylish al fresco haven.


Warm neutral colours and an understated, simple decor

When you combine minimalist style with warm, neutral tones, you have an elegant décor scheme that exudes harmony and tranquillity and fosters self-reflection and inner serenity.

Natural stone is the perfect material for creating this type of atmosphere, even in the smallest patio or courtyard and no matter what colour scheme you have in mind. If you love cool, classic white, Bianco Carrara is always a winner, whether you choose the standard honed finish or something with a little texture such as our Cotone. The pale creamy tones of Crema d’Orcia limestone evoke the warmth of earth, while chocolatey dark-brown Pietra d’Avola is the perfect counterpoint to more delicate elements.


To create your minimalist-style patio or courtyard, the key thing is to choose unfussy but distinctive pieces, such as a stone side table from the Dritto or Omphalos collections and an Urano lamp. A flawless sphere of Bianco Carrara, it casts a soft, romantic glow and draws the eye even when not illuminated.

This approach to furnishing your outdoor zone not only creates elegant spaces, but also celebrates the natural beauty of stone, a material that brings warmth and colour to a minimalist setting.


Optimise space to create an outdoor haven

Even the smallest outdoor space in the middle of a built-up area can be transformed into a private sanctuary. Making the most of every available centimetre is vital and, if you have a view, it’s even more important.

Being able to step out or your home into the fresh air into a space where you can relax, read, enjoy your morning tea or coffee or sip on a cool drink is an incredible pleasure and privilege.

Colour is key to creating an outdoor setting that is conducive to all these activities. One such solution is to opt for a monochromatic approach, perhaps with the soft nuances of Crema d’Orcia, or you may prefer to experiment with contrasts, for example choosing pale tiles for the floor, paired with dark walls for a particularly intimate atmosphere.


Once you have your base, the fun part starts, with the choice of accessories and decorative elements. Pieces such as the Omaggio a Morandi bottles in a range of beautiful marbles are the perfect way to inject colour and design into your outdoor space.

Mood lighting is a key ingredient for evenings spent out on the patio or terrace, and the Pietra 11 Candle holders in a range of colours are perfect for holding tealights. The same collection includes incense holders for a multi-sensory design experience.

Lastly, if you really want to create a showstopping outdoor space, why not push the boat out and add a magnificent stone bathtub? Positioned against a wall in Crema d’Orcia Lithoverde®, and flanked by a Span bench and Curl chaise longue, you have the perfect formula for incredible moments of relaxation under the stars.

In conclusion, designing an alfresco sanctuary calls for meticulous attention to detail and a clear vision about the type of setting you want to create. The key is to optimise every bit of available space, making the most of views and nature and ensuring privacy.

Durable and elegant, natural stone is the perfect material for achieving this, whether in the form of patio tiles, textured walls or stylish furniture and accessories.

A patio, terrace or courtyard is the perfect way to let your creative flair loose and express your personality and lifestyle. If you would like to talk through your ideas or ask for advice about how to bring your vision to life, our team of design experts will be delighted to help.

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