The Beauty of Imperfection: Silk Georgette®



Discover the uniqueness and peculiarity of Silk Georgette® with us, a Salvatori exclusive stone

The Beauty of Imperfection: the uniqueness of Silk Georgette®

Through history of art, we learn that marble can resemble imperceptible refined lightness, with the renowned Veiled Christ which enchanted and fascinated human perception for centuries. Differently from what common reasoning could suggest, this is not a cold and rigid material, but rather an extraordinarily complex and versatile stone, capable of revealing itself in the most surprising ways. Our Silk Georgette® is an example of this, beginning from the name: marble can even be silk.

Discover more about our magnificent exclusive, whose origins are particularly illustrious and that stands for several truly peculiar aspects, beginning with the colour, which has a name of its own.


The Birth of Silk Georgette®

The origins of this stone are tightly linked to the ability of satisfying our clients’ wishes. A unique bespoke service, which has always distinguished us. Silk Georgette® was discovered with the request of one of our most illustrious clients, Giorgio Armani, who wanted a kind of material of a nuance that needed to be a halfway between the colour grey and the colour beige. Difficult research, that led us to search in every corner of the planet for a natural stone that could satisfy the request. This is how we came to find a limestone characterized by sinuous veining in different shades of grey, allowing this material to be shaped as a draped fabric. Armani appreciated our proposal so much, he decided to name the color “greige” , describing the mixture of grey and beige.

Since then, Silk Georgette® has become the main feature of Armani stores and hotels all over the world. But not only, since its release on the market, its fame has increased more and more, and it has been chosen by many well-known architects and designers from around the world to give life to their creations. Among the many examples, we want to mention the Ritz-Carlton in Miami where we can admire the use of this marble, the iconic central wall of the stairway inside the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo, the Chelsea Bridge Wharf in London and in the Karen Millen shops all over the globe. A planetary success indeed that a confirms once again the meticulousness and care we put into all our projects.


Main Qualities of Silk Georgette®

Let us explain the features that makes this natural stone so unique. It has natural qualities, which to an unexperienced eye could be taken as flaws or defects, however, it is known we do not believe in the concept of imperfection, but rather in the value provided by uniqueness. Thus, the above-mentioned veining, more or less defined as the inclusions of quartz (quartzite) that can be noted in the shape of intense white coloured spots. The so-called “imperfections” of Silk Georgette® do not end here: we can find grey quartz lines, red inclusions, mineral infiltrations of the same colour, and finally, veining that doesn’t follow the usual linear pattern.

This stone is available in a range of textures, such as Bamboo, Raw, Plissé, Rain, Stone Tatami, CNC, Romboo, Chevron, Infinito, Ishiburo and the eternal Honed.


Its applications are manifold: it may be used for external cladding, as well as for kitchen counters (in this case, a hydro-oil repellent treatment is necessary), flooring (internal and external) and internal walls.

Silk Georgette® owns a remarkable flection resistance (thanks to which it can sustain considerable loads), whereas its resistance to scratching, although quite good, requires some attention in daily care, especially if it has been chosen for kitchen counters, as mentioned earlier. This material tolerates low temperatures, and, like many natural stones, is sensitive to acids and stains, therefore the immediate removal of stains is always the best approach.

We have gone through the origin and features of Silk Georgette®, one of our company’s many prides. If interested in learning more about this and other brand names of the vast Salvatori family, all you need to do is contact us: we will be glad to give you a complete overview of our world.

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