Spotlight on texture: the precision of CNC



When it comes to CNC finishing, proper lighting is key for enhanced precision. Let's discover the power of light on this original texture

CNC and the importance of light

Far from being a just a supporting actor, light plays a leading role in all respects when it comes to design. Light is the source of everything; it is inconceivable to imagine a world without it and its power to enhance everything that surrounds us is unparallel.

All our products and finishes must inevitably co-exist with lighting in order to ensure their maximum aesthetic expression. CNC is no exception: its peculiarities can only be fully heightened with the precise position of light. Let’s explore the distinctive origins of our texture, incredible and distinguished as much as the finish itself.


CNC: guide to proper lighting

How can one best illuminate their CNC purchase? What can be done to avoid losing its unique and inimitable characteristics in harsh lighting? To answer this, one must thoroughly know the identity of CNC; this finish is in fact characterized by cracks and imperfections of the crevices which, we believe and uphold, are not imperfections at all, but rather distinct features that make them special. Lighting must therefore be able to accentuate the whimsical three-dimensionality aspects of these eccentricities, considering the direction in which the lines of the tiles, which are the heart of the CNC’s beauty, are laid.

For vertical orientation installation, highly recommended for showers or areas exposed to the flow of water, here a direct source of lateral lighting is ideal for playing up all the peculiarities of CNC. Where this is not possible, the installation of adjustable spotlights is recommended, which by crossing the light beams highlight the complexity of this process.

On the other hand, a horizontal type of installation is desired. CNC, like many processed textures, works best with a type of grazing lighting. Therefore, to achieve the best result, it is necessary to mount an adjustable light source from above, to a maximum distance of 60cm from the stone.


The technical characteristics of CNC

Once you understand how to illuminate this magnificent texture, you can further explore how to work with it in all aspects. First, this texture can be used in all types of environments for both interiors and exteriors, as well as ideal for wet areas, as we have already mentioned.

As for the available variants, CNC materials it can be selected in four different types, specifically Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Pietra d’Avola and Silk Georgette®.

In addition to the variability of the orientation of the lines, CNC also has a very customizable laying pattern, since it is possible to select between two types, namely the orthogonal laying or the one with a pattern at regular or random intervals.

The particular tiles with CNC finish are worked in such a way that the naturalness of the stone is able to emerge in all its original splendour. In order not to compromise the fluidity of the lines, we have also developed smooth tiles of the same size as the CNC finish.


Stroke of serendipity: the birth of CNC

Like all origin stories of great discoveries, ours feature extraordinary characters and occurrences. Everything we create, from the finishes to the smallest furnishing accessories, reflects all the creativity and dedication that have always set us apart. For this reason, we love to collaborate with artists who share their fresh and innovative design ideas with us, keeping quality as priority. One of our longest-running collaborations is with Piero Lissoni, with whom we have created truly prominent collections on the international scene, such as Lost Stones, which has made material recovery a factor of prestige, and Curl, which has allowed us to challenge the thicknesses of marble.

The origin story of CNC is truly serendipitous. It was a day like any other, our good friend and collaborator, Piero, came to visit us in our factory in Tuscany and just like that a light bulb went on in his mind. Lissoni was impressed by the engravings on the workbench due to the processing of marble and from there he thought about creating something unique and artistic.

After rigorous study and careful tests, CNC was born. We had literally shed light on the CNC finish and its extraordinary peculiarities, adding yet another unique creation to our products. The creation of such a unique and extraordinary finish is testament to our philosophy of our boundless pursuit of innovation, inspiration and creativity.

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