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Created exclusively for you

No two pieces of stone are the same.

Formed over millions of years, every block, slab and tile we use has its own identity: a visual history, recorded in the veins and colour, the mineral traces and fossil deposits, of the unique processes that created it.

Our understanding of these organic, individual qualities is at the centre of our bespoke service, enabling anyone to realise the beauty of natural stone in their project.

Complimentary design consultation

You may be thinking of completely redoing your bathroom, or perhaps giving your living room a light makeover. Maybe you just want to restyle a hallway or bedroom. You don’t have an architect and are keen to undertake this project on your own, but at the same time you’re a little apprehensive about some some of the technical aspects, or are simply looking for a sounding board for your ideas or would appreciate professional feedback as to their feasibility.

Something a lot of people don’t realise is that at Salvatori we offer a bespoke design service to private clients.

Our design assistance service

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Working closely with the client our team can find unique product and design solutions

Salvatori’s team of designers, engineers and architects advise on the choice of stone and bring their expertise to find solutions to technical issues. Working closely with the client the team can find unique product and design solutions to meet the demands of any project.

Construction site assistance

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Salvatori has decades of on-site experience

Salvatori has decades of on-site experience, working in locations that are difficult to access and which pose particular logistical challenges. Understanding the complexities of a construction site, Salvatori has developed innovative solutions, such as Plug&Play products, that work alongside detailed, numbered plans and support from a dedicated Salvatori specialist.