9 original and stylish designer gift ideas for this Christmas



We’ve put together a list of 9 unique ideas for the Christmas stocking or tree this year. Discover our selection of home and desktop accessories that are guaranteed to make for a merry (and stylish) Christmas

9 designer gifts for under the Christmas tree

With the festive season fast approaching, we thought it only fair to help transform gift buying from what can be a challenging task into a pleasure with 9 inspiring designer Christmas gift ideas.

The thinking behind our list was to select small but perfectly formed items that add style and design flair to the home or office. Natural stone is the star, brought to life in clean, elegant lines by leading designers from around the world and produced with Italian know-how by our master Tuscan artisans.

Each piece showcases the renowned Salvatori attention to detail and quality, together with our commitment to creating contemporary yet timeless objects of beauty that are in tune with a world in constant evolution. Finding that perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything has never been easier with this selection of original and elegant Made in Italy ideas.


Give the gift of scent with a home fragrance or scented candle

Home fragrances and scented candles are always a great gift idea. Our view of design is that it goes beyond what we see and touch, extending to our sense of smell, to create a multi-sensorial experience. That is the philosophy behind our selection of fragrances, each of which evokes the characteristics of one of our hallmark natural stones. Pietra d’Avola is brought to life through a heady scent that oozes warmth and contentment, with its delightful mix of citrus and floral aromas transporting you to the sun-drenched island of Sicily, from where the stone itself takes its name. For an alluring hint of the Far East, instead, turn to Silk Georgette®, with its top notes of jasmine on an exotic base of cedar and amber.

The charms of both fragrances can be enjoyed in diffuser form or as a scented candle, each with a matching container adding an intriguing and element design dimension. With their minimalist design which allows the intrinsic beauty of the stone to assume the spotlight, they can be dotted around a home or office where they will delight the eyes and nose of all who enter.


Contemporary vases

A designer vase is not only a receptacle to hold floral arrangements but could be considered a source of energy and vitality, and the means to surrounding our loved ones with scent and colour. After all, decorating our homes with the beautiful living gift of nature is something that is rooted in the centuries and culture.

This Christmas, why not gift a modern, versatile vase such as the uber-stylish examples designed for us by Piero Lissoni. His Pietra L13 series features a base in natural stone combined with fluted smoke-coloured glass that is handblown then finished by hand by skilled craftsmen, with each piece as unique and special as the flower or greenery it holds.

Pietra L10 is a deceptively simple vase that respects the natural beauty of flora. Elegant lead crystal nestles in a curved base in natural stone to create a harmonious fusion of natural elements and prove a refined frame for a delightful green or floral flourish.

With stones in colours ranging from muted cream, to vibrant red or green, rich dark brown to inky black stone, the Pietra L10 and 13 vases are ideal for home or the office.


Serving up Christmas style with a designer platter or tray

Trays and platters are particularly on trend as a gift idea this Christmas, and it is little surprise. After all, they are extremely versatile, whether you use them to serve food and drinks or to keep order on your dressing table, bathroom or desktop.

Our collection contains a myriad of styles and solutions, each with its own original take on this simple and useful accessory, interpreted by acclaimed designers from Italy and abroad, such as the inimitable Piero Lissoni. His Pietra L18 set of modular trays pairs the warmth of walnut wood with the coolness and tactility of natural stone, while the Pietra L14 series of platters in the unconventional form of a split bagel are destined to be a talking point. For a more classic piece, there is the Ellipse platter by John Pawson who brings his trademark minimalism to the party with a glorious circle of Bianco Carrara marble. Perfect for cheese, canapes, fruit and so much more, this delicately proportioned disc adds instant style to any table.


A designer valet tray at your service

What do you do with those small objects that inevitably seem to end up being strewn around the house, from keys to lipstick to coins? The answer comes in the form of a valet tray, however not just any valet tray, but instead, a gorgeous piece of design to keep those bits and pieces in elegant order. We have two options for you, starting with another work of art by John Pawson with Pillow, a small but perfectly formed tray carved from a block of Bianco Carrara marble. It mesmerisingly smooth curved recess is a stylish home for coins and keys, or the perfect desktop nest for pins or paperclips. Curves are also the theme with our Anima tray by design duo Yabu Pushelberg who apply the sensibility of clay to stone. The result is a delightfully sinuous tray in a choice of five elegant colours, that sits harmoniously in the bedroom, bathroom, entrance way or living room.

Whether the compact Pillow or larger Anima valet tray appeals, you can be assured of gifting a timeless object that is as beautiful as it is practical and showcases the irresistible allure of natural stone.


Beauty is in the eye of the pen holder

A designer pen holder adds the X factor to even the most functional or pristine desk. A thoughtful gift for that hard-to-buy for person, it makes an understated style statement and adds a touch of style to the daily grind.

We believe that when you are surrounded by beautiful objects in your workplace, you will inevitably feel more inspired, and our pen holders are designed to help elevate the desk environment, drawing the eye without distracting. The Lui&Lei pen holder by Vincent Van Duysen is an elegant juxtaposition of contrasting materials and colours. Combining cool white marble with soft dark eco-leather, this understated cylinder is a classic, functional and sophisticated desktop accessory.

Inspired by the Italian Rationalist movement which provided a counterpoint to the prevailing Liberty and Art Nouveau styles of the early twentieth century, the Novecento pen holder by Rodolfo Dordoni will strike a chord with architectural aficionados. With its roots in Roman times, the Renaissance and Illuminism, it is more than a mere accessory, encapsulating the eternal contrast between rationalism and whimsy.


An elegant letter holder for the desk

A contemporary letter holder is an original gift idea that is certain to be appreciated. Part of the Balancing collection which elevates desktop items to designer accessories, it pairs the eternal fascination of natural stone with the warm burnished tones of brass in a dynamic contrast of materials and geometry.

A delicate sheet of folded brass provides a stylish miniature easel for letters and envelopes, held in place by an exquisite disc of milky-white Calacatta Vagli marble, shot with subtle gold and grey veining for a stylish and practical object that is most definitely out of the ordinary.

Brass lovers will also fall in love with the other pieces in the Balancing collection, such as a letter opener, document holder, tray, paperweight and photo holder, which are each gorgeous pieces in their own right, but laid out on a desk together, are simply breathtaking.


A contemporary letter opener

The Balancing letter opener is a contemporary interpretation of an old-fashioned ritual, making it a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who respects traditions and likes to elevate everyday tasks or routines.

Once again, it brings together gorgeous white Calcacatta Vagli marble with burnished brass in an artful pairing of soft lines to create an element that is not only a practical addition to a desk top, but works perfectly as an eye-catching ornament. The skilled hands of our Tuscan artisans have crafted it into an original and refined objet d’arte in which the subtle grey and gold veins of the holder find a harmonious counterpart in the warm tones of the brass knife.


A burnished brass document holder

Once again, the combination of marble and brass creates a stylish and original contemporary object with another piece from the innovative Balancing collection by Studiocharlie. The geometric lines of the sheet of folded brass are softened by a disc of white marble that keeps papers in place in this striking modern interpretation of a traditional stationery item.

A discerning Christmas gift, this document holder epitomises the concept of function and form, adding inimitable style to any work environment. Innovation and tradition come together in a stylish fusion that is destined to elicit delight under the Christmas tree.


Christmas lighting, Salvatori style

Our range of modern designer lighting solutions springs from the desire to showcase the essential quality of natural stone through soft, glowing light to create a warm, romantic atmosphere. What better time of year, then, to celebrate the magic of lighting? Urano, Silo and Farfalla are a trio of original examples of modern lighting that bring a contemporary interpretation to the beauty of artisanal tradition.

Silo is a deceptively simple cylinder carved from a single block of stone in a choice of dark, moody Pietra d’Avola limestone or cool, classic white Bianco Carrara marble. Seductive and soft, it comes in a single piece, a cluster of three or, for a real showstopper, a stunning modern chandelier composed of 26 pieces.

Farfalla is a long slender light in luminous white marble, conceived by designer Marco Carini to flutter like a butterfly (which in Italian is “farfalla”) either on its own or in a composition of choice to create an elegant and truly bespoke solution.

Urano, a luminous sphere of gorgeous Bianco Carrara marble, was designed by Elisa Ossino. Available in three sizes, its largest version, an eye-catching floor lamp, has a special link with the festive season as it was part of the staging for Andrea Bocelli’s 2021 “Believe in Christmas” concert.

When you know you have found the perfect gift for something, the giver often gets as much enjoyment as the recipient, so we hope our list of 9 Christmas gift ideas brings you seasonal joy.

Finding something original, stylish and useful for your nearest and dearest can be a daunting prospect, but our selection of contemporary design objects has been compiled to take the stress out of what should be a fun activity.

From lighting to trays, from gorgeous home fragrances to eye-catching and innovative desktop accessories, there is no shortage of tempting ideas to gift wrap and place in the stocking or under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Renowned names from the world of design such as John Pawson, Elisa Ossino, Piero Lissoni, Studiocharlie, Van Duysen, Rodolfo Dordoni and Yabu Pushelberg have lent their brilliance to the creation of each piece, which will be hand finished by our skilled Tuscan artisans before it leaves our Tuscan premises to delight your nearest and dearest.

There is still plenty of time to order, so browse our e-commerce site or visit your nearest authorised Salvatori dealer to find your perfect designer gift.

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