Salvatori meets the Regenerate brand in a fusion of design and science



The Salvatori Milan showroom is transformed into a photographic location for the iconic Regenerate toothbrush, designed by Piero Lissoni, as the wonders of science and design collide

Salvatori and Regenerate: a collaboration in the name of science

As those who know us are aware, we love coming up with surprising combinations and initiatives in the name of style and design that push conventional boundaries and preconceptions. Receiving a challenge or being presented with an unusual opportunity is like Christmas and birthday rolled into one, so when we were invited to take part in a photo shoot for a toothpaste brand, we were intrigued.

The brand in question was Regenerate, renowned for having developed an innovative serum that restores tooth enamel. As innovators ourselves, we are always interested to learn about new technologies and approaches outside the world of design, and applaud companies that challenge the status quo and invest resources into research and science.

So, just what did the project involve and what were the results?


Salvatori and Regenerate: why?

As explained above, we were happy to collaborate with Regenerate because we were fascinated by the innovation behind their products, but there were other reasons. We wanted to disrupt the traditional ideas of joint partnerships and create new ones, in this case uniting the worlds of science and design.

We have long enjoyed placing our products in unusual contexts or alongside products from diverse sectors, so were happy to respond positively to the request to use our Milan showroom as the photographic location for the iconic Regenerate toothbrush.

There was another link, as the toothbrush in question was designed by none other than our good friend Piero Lissoni, a master at transforming everyday objects into exquisite pieces of design. Salvatori and Regenerate may have seemed an unlikely match on paper, but the two brands share a number of traits, including a passion for attention to detail, functionality and an appreciation of aesthetics.


Design and science: an unconventional combination

The pairing of design and science is not particularly easy to pull off in a natural fashion so it is also a somewhat rare occurrence. For us, that makes it all the more interesting, however, and our collaboration with Regenerate was by no means the first time we have combined the two disciplines.

We have invented and built our own machinery for many years, for example, with Bamboo one of our first textures to benefit from this at the turn of this century. A decade later, we came up with the idea of Lithoverde®, one of our most beloved products and the first sustainable stone texture in the world that is completely made from recycled material.

It is 99% composed of offcuts of stone which are recut into smaller pieces then layered to create a new block which is bound with a natural resin (that’s the missing 1%). The result is a multi-toned bricklike texture which demonstrates to perfection that sustainability and beautiful design can coexist with no need for compromise on either front.

This is an aspect we also appreciated about the Regenerate toothbrush, as it is 93% made from recycled plastic. It may only be a small object, but every action, every choice we take, can make a difference to our planet.

It was a joy to see our products and settings used as the backdrop to an everyday item that is generally not associated with our sector. The beautiful photos that came out of the shoot highlight the incredible versatility of natural stone. It really is a material that works in any context, and this is just one of the many aspects that makes it so special.

If you would like to discover the myriad of ways it can be transformed into gorgeous and hardwearing textures, items of furniture, bathroom pieces and home accessories, we invite you to browse our website or get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be delighted to guide you through the elegant world of Salvatori style and design.

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