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Pietra L14 Tray

by Piero Lissoni



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Pietra L14 Tray

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Pietra L14 is an original tray shaped like a split bagel

Pietra L14 is an original take on a standard tray. Shaped like a split bagel, its gently curved surface makes an arresting serving platter and is destined to be the star of the table.

A must-have piece for anyone who enjoys entertaining guests at home, the Pietra L14 comes in three sizes with the smallest and largest in inky black Nero Marquinia marble and the medium version in the creamy tones of Crema d’Orcia limestone. Each platter is gorgeous in its own right, but as a set of three they make a truly striking impact.

Like the other pieces in Piero Lissoni’s Pietra L collection, Pietra L14 is an example of how a banal, everyday object can be transformed into a stylish piece of design that enhances the aesthetic of our daily lives.

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