A sneak preview of Milan Design Week 2021



With Milan Design Week just two months away, we share a preview of the new Salvatori collections that will be presented

Milan Design Week 2021: The new Salvatori collections

Milan Design Week returns in September and we will be there too, with a host of new collections and a revamped showroom at via Solferino, filled with new displays that we hope you will fall in love with. It is also the perfect occasion to unveil another project we have been busy behind the scenes with and that is the opening of our very first boutique which will showcase our Home Collection.

The 2021 edition promises to be particularly special, signifying a return to normality and creating the opportunity to reunite with fellow design lovers and exchange greetings, ideas and news in person. As our CEO Gabriele Salvatori says: This year’s Design Week feels like a reunion, a chance to reconnect with each other, and that alone makes it a particularly special event. It feels like a rebirth as we prepare to get together once again and share our passions.”


The Salvatori Boutique

The opening of our first retail store is something we are extremely excited about. Located just around the corner from our showroom in via Solferino, the Salvatori Boutique will showcase our Home Collection.

This is a wonderful chance for visitors to get up close and personal not only with our vast range of accessories and furniture but also with our textures as, unsurprisingly, the interiors are dressed entirely in Salvatori. We chose the dark elegance of Pietra d’Avola in a range of textures including CNC, Plissé and Lithoverde® to provide a background that sets off our accessories to perfection.

From stylish kitchenware and mirrors to innovative lighting and storage solutions, you can browse to your heart’s content, and even enjoy a multi-media experience. The store contains a large screen showing videos that recount our story and offer behind-the-scenes looks at our collections, and if you want to know more about a particular product, you will find an interactive panel full of fascinating and useful information.


Mysticism meets modernity: Taula by Patricia Urquiola

It is always a joy and privilege to work with incredible designers from around the world and over the past year, we had the pleasure to collaborate with two exceptional names in the field of interior design for the first time.

One of these was renowned Spanish-born architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, who not only contributed to The Village with her Kore miniature, but also designed a series of dining and coffee tables that reinvent the solidity of natural stone, endowing it with an ethereal mystical-like aura.

Named Taula, the collection is a homage to Stonehenge and draws inspiration and its name from taulas, the extraordinary megalithic formations found on the island of Menorca. The innovative design of the tables evokes the might and mysticism of these archaeological treasures but adds an element of extraordinary lightness to them through an intriguing optical illusion where the stone top seems to float above its base.


Tribal reflections: mirrors by Stephen Burks

We are also delighted to have collaborated for the first time with Stephen Burks, one of the most acclaimed American industrial designers of his generation.

He too draws upon the glorious colours provided by nature in the form of natural stone to bring a wonderful expressivity and vividness to the collection of mirrors he designed for us. Verde Guatemala, Emperador Dark, Silk Georgette® and Rosso Francia are just a selection of the stones that bring these almost sculptural pieces to life.

Both the table version, named Friends, and the wall variant, called Neighbors, are an artful combination of contemporary aesthetics and ancient tribal masks and express the artist’s deep appreciation of artisanal processes.

Available in oval and round versions, the Friends and Neighbors mirrors create an immediate connection to the artist’s roots while adding a fascinating and unusual allure to the timeless beauty of natural stone.


Piero Lissoni: The Edo collection and new adventures for the Lost Stones

Alongside new collaborations, we continued to work with Piero Lissoni, resulting in the Lost Stones texture and the Edo bathroom accessories range.

The original Lost Stones initiative began in 2019 when we came up with a way to give abandoned slabs of marble a new life through the ancient art of Kintsugi, long-used by the Japanese to repair broken porcelain.

The new iteration takes the original concept and transforms it into a revolutionary texture for walls and floors. Instead of being produced in standard tiles, it is sourced and produced to order, with every slab designed down to the last millimetre, based on where it will be fitted and the type of stone chosen. With its elegant golden seams, the new Lost Stones texture is the interior design equivalent of a bespoke suit.

The link with ancient Japan continues with the launch of a range of bathroom accessories, christened Edo, the ancient name of Tokyo when the city was a tiny fishing village, long before it became the bustling metropolis we know today.

The collection, which comprises toilet roll holders and freestanding and wall-mounted towel racks, recreates iconic Oriental forms through the elegance of walnut wood, such as the curved blade of a Katana, the traditional Samurai sword, to create a truly special bathroom style.


An Italian icon gets the designer treatment: the Spaghetti collection

Our enduring collaboration with Elisa Ossino also continues, this time with the Spaghetti collection, comprising a series of tapware and a brand-new texture.

It will come as no surprise to discover that Spaghetti is a delightful homage to one Italy’s most ubiquitous symbols, reproducing the iconic pasta as a texture in a selection of our most popular stones, and destined to become as beloved as its namesake. To create the extraordinarily fine cuts on the surface requires a level of precision that is generally more associated with traditional watchmakers or fine jewellers.

Just as a good dish should be accompanied by the perfect condiments or sauce, the Spaghetti collection features a series of tapware to create a complete look. The handle of each tap consists of a small metal ring that replicates the undulation of the texture. Inside this ring is a small disc in natural stone, allowing you to choose the same material as that used on the wall so that the tap itself seems to meld into the stone, almost as though it were camouflaged. If you prefer, however, you can choose a different insert from our palette of core stones.

The combination of exquisite design and precision engineering creates a collection that is truly unique and epitomises Made in Italy creativity and know-how.


Home is where the heart is: The Village collection

Milan Design Week 2021 is the long-awaited moment when The Village will finally be assembled in its entirety.

The brainchild of Gabriele Salvatori, the collection is a celebration of the multicultural nature of our planet and the concept of home as an extension of who we are rather than a mere physical structure that we pass through. To bring the idea to life, we invited renowned artists from around the world, each of whom imprinted their own very personal stamp on the project.

The result is a wonderfully varied, eclectic miniature village comprised of diverse diminutive sculptures that sit alongside each other in perfect harmony.


Designs of the Zodiac: the Gravity Zodiac collection

Last, but not least, we have the Gravity Zodiac collection, an evolution of our popular Gravity paperweight and an exploration of the sensorial nature of stone.

Each of the twelve pieces taps into the intrinsic energy contained in this extraordinary material to represent the planet that is linked with each sign. It was a lengthy but fascinating process to study the signs of the zodiac and then scour the world to find the perfect stones to represent each of them.

Each sphere of gorgeous natural stone sits upon a brass base and once it is set in motion, it imitates the continuous revolutions of the heavenly body it was inspired by. More than just a paperweight, the twelve pieces that make up the Gravity Zodiac collection add elegance and positive energy to your home or office.

With Milan Design Week 2021 just a few weeks away, the countdown is on and we hope we’ve whetted your appetite for this wonderful event which promises to be particularly special this year. If you are fortunate enough to be in Milan in September, we would love to see you in our showroom or new boutique, but otherwise, we invite you to browse our Home Collection catalogue.

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