From Tuscany to you with love: order your Salvatori tile samples



Order your tile samples and enter the world of unlimited possibilities that natural stone offers. Discover the perfect symphony of tones and textures that await you

Discover the tactile beauty of Italian textured stone tiles

In the Salvatori world, the art of choosing materials is a delicate task that hovers between tradition and innovation in a subtle dialogue that seeks to unite elegance with unique products.

We understand that every corner of your home is an expression of your taste and personality, and the importance of finding the perfect materials. That’s why we provide samples of our tiles, enabling you to experiment and work out which stones and textures will bring your vision to your life, for just a nominal charge.
It’s a chance to enjoy a tactile experience and appreciate at first hand the patterns, glorious colours and Italian artisanal expertise that are intrinsic to our textures.

These samples are more than a simple taste of what we do, but are part of an aesthetic narrative and a tangible introduction to an approach to design and quality that is all about understated elegance.


Why natural stone is a perfect choice

When you choose natural stone for your floors or walls, your choice represents a homage to the eternal beauty of this incredible material that nature has created.

Stone is a living material that breathes and evolves, recounting stories of distant eras and artisanal mastery and capturing the timeless elegance of its essence.
Every piece is a one-off masterpiece with its delicate veining, subtle colouration and fascinating texture making natural stone the perfect choice if you’re looking to stamp a distinctive, elegant style on your décor.

To enable our customers to experience stone’s tactility, we provide a tile sample service, allowing you to experiment with colour and texture in the different rooms of your home.


In the bathroom, for example, you might decide to create a marble shower wall using our Romboo to add depth and interest. As this texture is made from offcuts of our Bamboo finish, you would be making a sustainable choice without compromising on aesthetics.

Another example of eco-friendly design is Patchwork. Made from a mix of textures assembled to create a striking feature wall, it is the perfect way to introduce a touch of three-dimensional Italian flair to any room.

If you are a fan of the Oriental approach to design, you may appreciate Stone Tatami, which combines textured tiles with honed borders in an original reinterpretation of the tatami matting which has graced Japanese floors for centuries.

And, on the subject of floors, natural stone is an ideal solution in any space, with its hardwearing, long-lasting properties making it a practical and elegant option.


How to order Salvatori tile samples

We are firm believers that when you are choosing a product that is designed to last, you have to be sure of your choice, which is why we encourage you to purchase samples so that you can see how different stones and textures work together.

Once you have narrowed your choice down to the tiles you want, simply click on “Purchase a sample” in the Walls & Floors section of our website. You can choose the size of the tile you want and once you have added it to your shopping cart and are ready to order it, we ask you to complete a brief accreditation process. This represents the start of your personalised consultation experience with our team, who will be happy to guide you through the purchase process and, once you’ve gone ahead and made your definitive decision, help with information about aspects such as laying and taking care of your stone.

When you purchase Salvatori products, you are embarking on a journey that is not just about aesthetics, but is a multisensorial experience based upon innovation, meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the beauty of natural stone.


Personalised consultation and support

Your ideas and your vision for the décor of your home are a unique artistic expression, and we are committed to helping you make them a reality.
The “Salvatori Experience” is all about customisation, with the client at the heart of everything, whether you are a private customer or an architect working on a residential or commercial project.

Our tile sample service is just one of many ways we aim to make the interior design process as smooth as possible. Of course, if you have the chance to visit one of our showrooms, you can get up and personal with our entire range of natural stone tiles for walls and floor, along with our bathroom and home collection products, allowing you to discover the beauty of a Salvatori “total look” décor.

Our advice and know-how also extend to installation, and as such, we offer a service that covers every phase, ensuring that the finished result is as stunning as you hoped.

Choosing materials for your walls and floors is perhaps one of the most important steps in the interior design process. While photos and brochure can inspire you and spark ideas, and technical specification sheets explain dimensions, weight and other aspects, there is nothing like actually holding a product in your hand. We invite you to browse our Walls & Floors section and then select sample tiles of your favourite stones and textures. Your Salvatori Experience starts here!

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