The advantages of bespoke décor products and how to choose the right partner



With the Salvatori bespoke service, creating elegant customised interior design schemes has never been easier

Bespoke design, the new frontier in customised interior décors

We understand that every project and every location is different. Architectural or structural limitations, local regulations and client budgets are just a handful of the many factors that can impact achieving the architect or designer’s vision, and this is where the importance of bespoke products comes into its own. Custom home interior design is more relevant than ever and in this article we take a look at the world of bespoke furniture and design solutions.


What do we mean by bespoke design?

Bespoke design refers to products made to measure for a particular client, and it can be applied to clothing, a holiday package or, as in our case, interior design solutions. It is a growing sector which involves architects, interior designers, tradespeople and manufacturers working together to makes their clients’ dreams a reality.

As with any team-based project, choosing the right players is fundamental to a successful outcome. It’s all about professionals who have the skill and experience to manage all the moving parts, including site logistics, material production, construction and installation. There are a number of aspects to take into consideration:

  • Structural characteristics such as shape, layout, dimensions, temperature, dampness and access;
  • How the space will be used, including any shared thoroughfares and common points of interaction;
  • Choosing the best materials, not only in terms of aesthetic effect, but also their suitability and technical properties;
  • The client’s taste and style;
  • Cost-benefit analysis of alternative designs, materials or products.

To bring all these different elements together, it is vital that all the different parties involved respect plans, timelines and budget, and interact in a timely, proactive manner.

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The advantages of bespoke interior design

Do you know that feeling of stepping into your favourite suit or dress? Comfortable and familiar, it’s almost like a second skin and you instantly feel confident, secure and at ease. Now imagine that it was designed especially for you, in the fabric and colour of your choice, cut to optimise your body shape and to be supremely comfortable. It’s not just about making us look good, but it is an expression of our taste and personality.

And so, a bespoke interior décor delivers those same emotional, aesthetic and functional benefits. We are talking about a home decorating approach that not only ticks all the practical boxes, but also tallies with our needs and our aesthetic preferences. Every item of furniture, every floor or wall covering should make the most of the “bones” of the building and come together in a dialogue that exudes a sense of joy and welcome familiarity every time we enter the room.

There is one other advantage that is definitely less emotional but absolutely to be considered, and that is that a well-executed, elegant custom home interior design will almost always add value to a home.


What are the challenges of a bespoke design approach?

Where there are great benefits, there will inevitably also be responsibility and this holds true for personalised designer décor solutions. The reason is simple and it is that mass-produced products are tried and tested over time, whereas custom products are different every time.

This impacts the design process because there is a need to find ad hoc solutions, and impacts material production because it has to meet specific installation requirements. It also dictates the way the site is organised, because non-standard items often call for special equipment to manoeuvre materials and items that may be heavier or larger than the norm.

In addition to technical challenges, there can also be those posed by the human factor. The architect or designer and the various suppliers must communicate efficiently and ensure they speak the same language so that there are no misunderstandings, particularly when it comes to timings and costs. Complex projects often risk budget blowouts and this is where choosing the right partners is crucial.


The Salvatori bespoke service

As we often like to say, at Salvatori we embrace challenges and there is nothing better than a bespoke project to push us to find innovative solutions.

We have been working with natural stone for over 75 years and in that time we have been involved in numerous projects all over the world. It’s fair to say that we may amassed a more-than-respectable dose of know-how that makes us an ideal partner for anyone who loves Made in Italy design and natural stone. You could say that we understand this incredible material inside out and know how to push it to its limits and make the most of its potential in a variety of contexts.

Whether we are talking hospitality, residential or commercial sectors, we are known for our problem-solving capacity and out-of-the-box thinking. By way of example, there is the Zurich Polytechnic project where we came up with a way to cut and handle 5-metre-high slabs of travertine, when everyone said it couldn’t be done. Another case is the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we managed to find a stone identical to the original, many years later, even though the quarry had by then closed down.

In summary, bespoke interior design projects not only deliver on aesthetics, but also serve to shape our emotions. They are not always easy to bring to fruition, but with the right team of experts the results will certainly be worth the effort. To remove the stress, at Salvatori we offer a bespoke service where we manage the different phases of all aspects related to our products, from design to visiting quarries to find the perfect material through to production and installation.

You will find a full list of the bespoke services we offer here, and we would love to hear from you if you think we can help transform your designs for a dream interior into reality.

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