Looking back at Milan Design Week 2023



Thank you everyone, including the thousands of people who visited our showroom and all those who contributed to making Milan Design Week 2023 a simply unforgettable experience

An incredible week of design and inspiration with Salvatori

After six electrifying and stimulating days, the 61st edition of Milan Design Week came to an end on Sunday evening. The event itself may be over, but the ideas and products that were shared during those days will surely leave an indelible imprint on the world of design.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success, from the thousands of visitors to our staff, from our partners and suppliers to the outstanding designers.


Highlights of Fuorisalone 2023

Behind the success is an incredible team, made up of our fantastic staff, suppliers, designers and friends. As always it was a joy to catch up with design lovers from all around the world and exchange ideas, opinions and positive energy.

We welcomed a stream of design lovers to our showroom and it was gratifying to witness their enthusiastic response to our displays, products and the special surprises we had arranged.

The week kicked off in fine style with a memorable opening party. Around 800 guests enjoyed live music, together with mouthwatering Tuscan delicacies.

We were particularly proud not only that our new products were universally appreciated, but that visitors also understood the dual philosophy behind them, ie, that everything new we presented this year was based on sustainability and co-creation.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to find innovative ways to reuse offcuts in the pursuit of Zero Waste, along with a wish to invite designers and end clients to be even more involved in the products themselves.


The new Salvatori collections we presented

Our Patchwork and Passepartout textures are perfect examples. The former, conceived by Piero Lissoni, brings eco-friendly credentials to exclusive design with a selection of offcuts of our existing textures which can be placed as you wish to create a stunning feature wall.

Passepartout also offers plenty of creative input, allowing you to play with small rectangles and squares of stone for an original and stylish three-dimensional effect. Visitors to our showroom last week had the chance to experiment with Passepartout on sheets of coloured fabric that reproduced our most popular limestones and marbles. We also offered a digital configurator that reproduced the final effect in 3D.

Turning from stone to another beautiful natural material, we also launched the Wood Collection. This marked a special moment because although we are renowned for our work with stone, in the very first years, back in the 1940s, Salvatori worked with timber. The Wood Collection is therefore a nod to our origins, interpreting our popular Bamboo, Plissé, Spaghetti and Tratti textures in warm, sophisticated Coffee Oak.


Examples of these were placed throughout the showroom, demonstrating how wood can create a perfect counterpoint to stone and be used for a variety of design effects, including boiserie.

We also presented the Hito bathroom collection, an intriguing series of accessories designed by Piero Lissoni. The name Hito comes from the Japanese word for person, and this was the starting point for the collection which is designed to respond to the different ways each individual uses a bathroom in terms of rituals, rhythms and even the items we keep in it.

Pairing an elegant minimalist aesthetic with a functionality-based approach, the result is a versatile and stylish solution made up of modular components ranging from vanity units to drawer organisers.


Intriguing installations and performance art

Last, but not least, we showcased the wonderful work of emerging artist Raffaele Salvoldi, in the form of two intriguing installations in marble. The first is located at the entrance downstairs, while the second is in the much-loved Room of Mirrors where it was reflected in a captivating kaleidoscopic effect.

Raffaele also entertained visitors to the Salvatori Boutique, just around the corner from our via Solferino showroom where he entranced onlookers by building, destroying and rebuilding creations using small batons of marble. More lasting, however, are a limited series of ten exclusive Bianco Carrara lamps in his distinctive style, which can be purchased from the boutique.

His incredible art was definitely a highlight and contributed to the buzz that surrounded us all week, wowing visitors who were enthralled by the immensity and intricacy of his installations, and were fascinated by the painstaking precision and patience he demonstrated in his live art performances.

And so, we can now look back on Milan Design Week 2023 with pride and emotion. It was an incredible week in which we reinforced our links with our own community, spread far and wide, and celebrated design and its immense power to move the needle in terms of sustainable solutions.

We’re now back home in Tuscany, already looking ahead and coming up with new initiatives and products to share with you next year. In the mean time, thank you once again!

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