Salvatori presents Passepartout, a new eco-friendly texture that expresses the spirit of co-creation



Salvatori introduces the latest texture in its collection of eco-friendly tiles, with Passepartout, designed to allow you to mix and match and create your own bespoke wall décor

Create bespoke textured wall tiles in natural stone with Passepartout

At Salvatori we have long been known for our innovative textures and we are delighted to confirm that at this year’s Milan Design Week we will be presenting our latest examples. The first of these is Passepartout, a series of wall tiles that owe their origins to our ongoing determination to come up with new ways to use offcuts of the beautiful stone we are privileged to work with every day.

While our design team’s creativity is behind the concept of this eco-friendly texture, we also wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to let their own imagination loose in the spirit of co-creation. You could say that we provide the framework and it is up to you to decorate it as you wish, in what is a completely customisable finish, perfect for creating a feature wall that is your own personal work of art.


One texture, endless creative possibilities

Passepartout combines the timeless elegance of natural stone with innovative design, but with an interactive twist, through the involvement of interior designers and home owners alike who are invited to interact with the texture to create bespoke solutions.

The name Passepartout is a reference to the cardboard frame within a frame that adds additional depth and dimension to a photograph or picture. This effect is recreated in the Passepartout wall tiles. Sized 293 x 230 mm, they essentially function as a background for smaller square and rectangular pieces of stone in similar or contrasting colours that are applied to the tile to create a form of bas-relief and a three-dimensional effect. As such, the background showcases the textural elements, much in the same way a passepartout enhances an image. All six of our core stones are available to work with, ie Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Grigio Versilia, Gris du Marais®, Pietra d’Avola and Silk Georgette®.

This original concept offers interior designers and architects a highly-customisable décor tool, allowing them to give full rein to their creativity by mixing colours and shapes, resulting in an infinite array of solutions.

As with all Salvatori products, Passepartout is 100% Made in Italy, but it is also a co-creative voyage that celebrates individual style while showcasing how the spirit of collaboration can elevate design to new levels.


Sustainability without sacrificing aesthetics

Aesthetics aside, Passepartout also boasts impeccable eco-friendly credentials. At Salvatori we have been committed to coming up with sustainable products and working practices for a number of decades, by finding ways to minimise waste and adhering to a “quality not quantity” ethos.

Lithoverde®, Romboo and Lost Stones are all examples of how sophisticated design and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive outcomes, and Passepartout can hold its own with this illustrious trio of textures. The Salvatori design style is all about a pared-back, minimalist aesthetic and the same two adjectives could be applied to our approach when it comes to working with natural stone. We believe this precious material should be cherished, not wasted, and we like to use it parsimoniously.

And so, the offcuts of our honed tiles are repurposed and transformed into a series of square and rectangular piece. These are then made available as bespoke decorations that our clients can use to design their very own wall texture.

With Passepartout, the world is your oyster, whether you are an interior designer or simply enjoy experimenting and creating your own décor solutions. You can let your creative flair run wild whilst knowing that you are part of the growing sustainable design movement that seeks to deliver innovative products that don’t come at the cost of the environment.

This year’s Milan Design Week focuses on the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability and Passepartout fits the brief perfectly by demonstrating how creative design solutions can spring from a zero-waste philosophy.

As a truly three-dimensional texture, its true potential is best appreciated when you get up close and personal to it and touch it, so if you are in Milan during Design Week, we invite you to visit our showroom at via Solferino 11 in the Brera district.

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