How to choose the perfect stone tile flooring



Discover our guidelines for choosing the best possible stone flooring for your living room

The style, practicality and elegance of a natural stone living room floor

Choosing flooring for your living room is, of course, first of all an aesthetic decision, but it also entails thinking about practicality, given that we are talking about one of the most lived-in rooms of the house.

When it comes to materials, stone is hard to beat, not only for its durability and hardwearing properties but also for its ability to transcend trends and fashions.

Since time immemorial, marble, travertine, limestone and other stones have been considered a synonym of elegance, and are just as sought after today for contemporary décors.


Why natural stone is an excellent choice for a living room decor

An eternal favourite of artists and architects, natural stone has been used throughout the centuries in different forms, going beyond sculpture and classic architecture.

Its incredible vein patterns and indefinable aura make it a unique material, brimming with stories from past eras.

Unyielding and majestic, it brings a sense of serenity to any space. Beyond its fascination and aesthetic appeal, however, what makes it doubly prized is its versatility.

It is also extremely hardwearing and long-lasting, as breathtaking monuments such as the Coliseum and Taj Mahal can attest to. With such pedigree, it is most definitely a worthy material to form the foundation of the all-important living room!

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Key things to consider when choosing natural stone flooring

When thinking about natural stone flooring for your living room, there are a handful of guidelines that will help you make the best choice.

The first thing to do is consider the pattern of the tiles and look at how it works with the proportions and shape of the area in question, because the pattern can either amplify the perception of space or make it appear more intimate and inviting.

Next, you need to think about the colour palette and veining, and ensure that they complement the tones of the rest of the living room décor and create the effect you’re aiming for. Do you want cool, fresh and minimalist for example, or are you aiming for a warmer, more intimate atmosphere?

The third aspect to consider is how your stone flooring will work with the furniture, furnishings and accessories. It should create a base that brings together the various elements, from tables and sofas to fabrics, artwork and ornaments.

Let’s go through each of these points in a little more detail.


The synergy between a stone floor tile pattern and the room’s dimensions

There are a number of flooring options on the market, from ceramic tiles or resin to polished concrete and carpet, but when it comes to authenticity and charm, wood and natural stone are in a class of their own. They are also extremely versatile, lending themselves to a range of styles, from classic to contemporary.

If you are a fan of the warmth of wood but are hesitant about having to work too hard to look after it (maybe you’re worried about scratching it for example), Stone Parquet is the perfect compromise. As the name suggests, it brings together the beauty of both wood and natural stone, in a finish that is also extremely hardwearing and durable.

Choose from our mixed option, made up of tiles of varying lengths and widths which can be installed in a staggered pattern or, for a more faithful reinterpretation of traditional parquet, we offer batons that can be laid in a herringbone design.


How natural stone’s colour and veining works with your living room décor

The tone and veining that are such a distinctive and intrinsic part of natural stone have a significant impact on a room’s atmosphere.

When choosing stone flooring tiles for your living room, given the ample colour variations and the natural design, it’s key to create a visual harmony that showcases the entire décor and respects your personal taste.

Neutral shades, from white or beige to grey, are popular choices for living room floors as they offer a sophisticated base upon which to construct your colour scheme, along with plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories.

Pale colours also make a space seem airier and more open, as they reflect both natural and artificial light. Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia and Silk Georgette® are tried and trusted solutions in such a case.

On the other hand, more decisive colours can be used to add depth and atmosphere. The dramatic cool grey surface and swathes of white veining of Grigio Versilia is the perfect way to create a refined, contemporary environment.

At the far end of the colour scale we have Pietra d’Avola, a rich, chocolatey brown limestone that lends a moody, intimate atmosphere to a décor scheme.


Consider your style and lifestyle

When thinking about living room flooring, one of the main questions is how the material will work with the style of the space, and this includes the texture you choose.

In terms of stone, the classic honed finish is the standard choice, with a look that is somewhere between matte and glossy. What’s important is that it avoids that overly shiny effect that can border on ostentatious, but instead creates a timeless, understated result. In practical terms, its smooth finish makes it ideal for flooring.

If you want something a little bolder and more contemporary, pair it with walls in a distinctive texture such as Tratti or Chevron, to add a striking element to your décor that catches the eye without dominating the décor.

Another interesting texture for a feature wall is Stone Tatami, a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Japanese matting. Combining textured tiles with bands of honed stone in a contrasting colour, it is the perfect way to fuse the harmony of Oriental design with Italian flair.

In conclusion, when you choose natural stone flooring for your living room, you are choosing an artful balance of understated luxury and functionality.

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