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With Get the Look, we make it easier than ever to recreate a Salvatori-style bathroom

Get the Salvatori Look

Today sees the start of an exciting new initiative with the online launch of our Get the Look service, designed to make it easier than ever to create a dream bathroom.

It represents another important step in achieving our mission to bring great design closer to our clients around the world. Let’s take a look at just how we plan to do this, with an overview of Get the Look and our bespoke design consultancy service.


What is Get the Look?

Get the Look is a brand-new area of our website, designed not only to provide inspirational bathroom ideas but to make it a breeze to bring them to life, without the need for an architect.

We’ve been designing bathrooms and bathroom products for decades, so we wanted to share our expertise by developing complete bathroom designs that include every element you could think of.

Every look uses only Salvatori products, and this is a revolutionary approach in the interior design field. From wall and floor tiles to bathtubs, basins and accessories, you have everything you need to recreate a dream bathroom in true Salvatori style.

What’s more, many of our products are designed using our Plug&Play philosophy which means they are incredibly easy to install. You save precious time and money as you don’t need to coordinate a host of tradespeople to carry out their various tasks, and you’ll also find all the extras you need, from glue to drill bits, meaning you have fewer details to worry about.

We have long considered the bathroom a room that deserves plenty of TLC when it comes to design, and believe that functionality doesn’t have to come at the cost of aesthetics. You will find over 50 looks to choose from, and each of them is designed to be both practical and gorgeous.


How Get the Look works

Every look that you will find in the Get the Look section is completely customisable, meaning you can adapt it to your needs and the size and layout of your bathroom. The composition is simply a guide to help inspire you and to give you an idea of the cost of achieving each look.

You can either choose to enjoy browsing through all the looks or, if you prefer a more focused approach, you can filter your search based on colour, materials, bathroom size and other parameters.

In addition to a detailed list of every product that makes up a look, you will also find a section at the bottom of the page with suggestions of how you can add further touches of Salvatori style with accessories such as an Anima soap dish or Linea shelf, for example.

Once you find that perfect look and take the decision to recreate it in your own home, you can then tailor it, for example by adding a basin, removing a drawer or changing a texture. Then simply enter the quantity of each product, including tiles, and the price will automatically be recalculated to more accurately reflect the final cost.

You can then choose to place the entire composition in your shopping cart or, if you have any questions, it’s the perfect moment to contact one of our design consultants who will be happy to provide advice and assistance.


The Salvatori bespoke service

While Get the Look represents a customisable high-end “off the peg” solution, we are also known for our bespoke service, having worked with architects and private clients for many decades on projects of all types and sizes.

Regardless of how big or small the commission, we are known for our passion and determination to find the perfect solution for our clients, sometimes even inventing new technologies and engineering systems in the process. This was the case when we worked on the ETH university project in Zurich and, more recently, in providing luxury bathroom solutions for the extraordinary 130 William skyscraper in Manhattan. We have even, on occasion, been known to scour the world to discover a new stone to satisfy a client’s brief, which lead to the introduction of our popular Silk Georgette®.

Understanding that one size does not always fit all, whenever we develop a new product, we ensure it can be produced in a number of variants, whether that is size, material or texture, so that our clients can always find the perfect solution to meet their requirements and tastes.

We are absolutely convinced that a home must reflect its inhabitants, giving voice to the personalities, habits and lifestyles of the people who live in it, and our desire to help achieve this is what drives us to create designs and products with aesthetics and functionality that enrich our customers’ lives.

Get the Look is yet another way we hope to do this, by making it simple and inspiring to design your dream bathroom. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and of course, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch!

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