A refined oasis in the heart of Posillipo


An exclusive retreat with a breathtaking sea view, where design and the beauty of nature blend to create a timeless experience

Posillipo is a place that delights the senses with its picturesque beaches that adorn the coastline and its splendid view across the Gulf of Naples. The name itself, which derives from Greek and means “that which makes pain cease”, evokes the sense of peace and serenity found here.

We’ve had the privilege of renovating a penthouse that overlooks this timeless beauty, admired through the large windows that bring about a state of complete wellbeing and harmony. We have, in fact, carefully selected every detail to convey this sensation of peace and tranquillity, using materials that are capable of creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

The Plissé Crema d'Orcia, with its soft pale shades, was chosen as a predominant finish for the walls because it illuminates and opens every environment. It succeeds in transforming every room into a cosy refuge with relaxing vibes.

To represent the strength and beauty of the land, we decided to combine it with Pietra d'Avola for its warm and dark tones.

The union of these two tones creates a harmonious pattern that connects the dual feelings evoked by each, gifting a gentle balance to the room.

Waking in the morning to the view of Vesuvius standing proud on the horizon is an experience that feels like dreaming with open eyes. But, adding the possibility of sipping the first morning seated comfortably around the kitchen island in Pietra d'Avola, enveloped by the warm tones of Crema d'Orcia, the moment becomes truly magical.

Inside the penthouse, every aspect is carefully designed to create a harmonious and comfortable environment. The Urano floor lamp and the accessories from the Ellipse collection are perfectly integrated into the space, both functionally and aesthetically.

The choice of furnishing, like the Adda basin on the wall with integrated drawers in Canaletto walnut, blends perfectly with the fine lines of the walls in plissé Crema d'Orcia and the warm and squared lines of the Quadro mirror, creating an atmosphere of continuity and safety.

In this prestigious sea-view retreat, even the morning routine becomes an idyllic experience, thanks to the care and attention dedicated to the furnishings and every finish. And so, every day, waking up becomes a special and completely unique moment.

The experience just gets better going out and visiting the many wonders that this much-loved peninsula, inhabited for more than 2,000 years, has to offer.

A short walk leads to the Archeological Park of Pausilypon, with the remains of a Roman villa and amphitheatre, or to the characteristic Gaiola beach, with its assertive rocky islands and its famous underwater park, which offers the chance to admire the sunken Roman ruins in the protected waters from a tour boat or through snorkelling and diving activities.

Immersing ourselves in this much beauty can only tire the senses, and therefore, it can only be an extreme pleasure to return home and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the master bathroom. We can choose to have a regenerating shower in the spacious walk-in cubicle, with its rectangular flat freestanding Balnea shower tray and its meticulous detailing even in the Spaghetti line diffusor, or we can immerse ourselves in the polished Pietra d'Avola Oyster bathtub artfully placed by the wall in the Infinito version of Pietra d'Avola, that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

In any case, one thing is sure: the possibility to enjoy a completely relaxing experience, thanks to the skilful design of spaces and the love of harmony that has always pervaded our work.

And so, every day, the beauty of the peninsula and the elegance of the residence gifts us a satisfying and unforgettable experience.


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