Sustainability in design: 2021 trends



Find out the 2021 trends for eco-sustainable design

Sustainable Design: 2021 Trends

Sustainability is the key, the magic word that opens up horizons and the wonderful worlds that we have a collective right and duty to create. Environmental problems are becoming more and more evident to all of us, and this is why design must also impose its own philosophy of respect for nature, aware that we only have one planet. You can’t stop at style, and we know that.

We have long been at the forefront of this fundamental ideological battle, with creations such as Lithoverde® and Romboo which have been included within green trends for many years.

Obviously, as time goes by, green trends increase and spread to more and more sectors, which makes us very happy indeed, since we firmly believe that every company has a moral duty to take this cause forward.

Let’s take a look together at what’s special about our must-have green products, Lithoverde® and Romboo, and what other ideas sustainable eco-design will offer in 2021.


Rebirth from the ashes: Lithoverde® and Romboo

We are firmly convinced that aesthetics and ethics must go hand in hand, that beauty must never lose sight of certain values. This is why we are constantly looking for solutions that can meet the needs of the environment, a design that respects our great green lung.

We are particularly proud of our two creations, Lithoverde® and Romboo. Both were born out of the need to solve a serious problem that every company has to face in spite of itself, that of production waste. So we thought: can beauty be recycled? We said yes.

Lithoverde® enjoys a splendid record, that of being the first texture in the world made from recycled stone. In fact, 99% of the final product is made from waste material, while the remaining 1% is a natural soy-based resin that acts as an adhesive. With awards such as the SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) and illustrious uses such as the House of Stone by the architect John Pawson, Lithoverde is an excellence recognised in the industry.

Romboo, on the other hand, was born from the regenerated rubble of another beloved material of ours, Bamboo: the geometries that ideally marry the latter’s infinity become in Romboo diamond-shaped tiles that never cease to enchant the eye with their play of light. Romboo is a new possibility for new environments, such as the Sota Building in Bilbao, whose original 20th-century aesthetics have recently been rethought thanks to Romboo.


A year of smart interiors

The word 2021 par excellence for design, however, will be a term that we already know very well, but whose full potential we perhaps ignore: smart.

So-called intelligent proposals necessarily involve brilliant solutions that make our lives and our surroundings better, and since our daily lives and our world are increasingly at risk of dispersion and pollution, design must offer perfect responses to these needs.

Interior champions of renewable energy rely on solar panels, photovoltaic windows, certified ventilation systems, and lighting based on minimal energy use to guarantee maximum results, such as the LED technology we use for all our lights, including the Silo and Farfalla pendant lamps.

Energy efficiency is not only an economic advantage, but also an ideal solution for environmental sustainability.

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