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Discover some stylish ideas to create the perfect lighting atmosphere in your bedroom.

The importance of great bedroom lighting

Lighting is always an important element in any part of the house, but it merits particular attention when it comes to the bedroom, a comfortable, welcoming haven and the place we retire to at the end of each day to wind down, sleep and recharge our batteries.

On one hand, bedroom lighting should be soft and calming, conducive to relaxation and sleep, but it also needs to illuminate the entire room, especially given that bedrooms have become more multi-functional in recent years, meaning that the lamps and lighting solutions you choose require extra care.

In this article, we not only provide useful advice, but also inspiring ideas to help you choose your perfect bedroom lighting.


3 things to think about when choosing bedroom lighting

Compared with the living room and bathroom, bedroom lighting is even more important, so it’s useful to keep these 3 key guidelines in mind:

• Optimise natural light
• Include warm, glowing bulbs
• Choose fittings and shades that are both practical and stylish

The main bedroom light should be as uniform as possible and strong enough to illuminate the entire space without being too bright or glaring. Assuming that there is a reasonable amount of natural light, the starting point would be to understand how effective that is before deciding on your light fittings and bulbs.

To create a well-lit atmosphere that doesn’t have you blinking your eyes every time you flick the switch, you should opt for indirect, diffused lighting that is evenly distributed throughout the room so as to enhance the environment and highlight its corners. As you want to create a cosy, welcoming environment, the best type of bulb is one which casts warm, rather than cool light.

As well as being functional, you will also need to think about aesthetics, as light fittings are a key bedroom décor element. If you are opting for a ceiling-mounted solution, it needs to be large enough to make an impact, but without overtaking or dominating the room.


Different types of bedroom lighting solutions

The key to perfect bedroom lighting is to combine elements, choosing fixtures based on specific tasks. As a rule, there are three types:

General lighting
Bedside lights
Specific activity lighting

General lighting usually refers to a central ceiling light which casts a uniform glow over the entire room. The most common types are chandeliers, pendant lamps and flush-mounted ceiling lights while more recent solutions include recessed spotlights and LED strips behind the bedhead. If you are looking for a solution that makes a wow statement, our Farfalla and Silo lights, made entirely from natural stone, are modern, elegant ceiling-mounted examples.

When it comes to bedside lights, the rule of thumb is to go for minimalist and simple, leaving your bedside table or shelf well-lit but also uncluttered, which is why wall sconces, adjustable spotlights and hanging downlights are ideal. If you have the space, however, a simple table lamp is always a popular choice.

Finally, for more specific lighting, often called task lighting, you can pretty much enjoy free rein. Depending on the function it needs to perform, you might opt for floor lamps, standard lamps or a solution with an adjustable or extendable arm.


Reading lamps for the bedroom

This Salvatori-designed bedroom benefits from plenty of natural light streaming in through the vast picture window.

The overall sensation is one of warmth and intimacy, helped by the tones of the natural stone used, with Silk Georgette® in a honed finish on the floor and Raw on the right wall, paired with Crema d’Orcia on the ceiling , also used in the Ciane modular drawers that make for stylish bedside storage. This combination of soft pale cream and greige tones amplifies the natural light, making the entire bedroom even lighter and airier.

Once the sun outside sets, however, the room takes on another atmosphere under the glow of the various light sources artfully scattered throughout, including the Urano table lamp beside the bed and an extendible wall light on the opposite side, perfectly placed above the Pliss cabinet in Silk Georgette® Raw and the reading zone with its Dritto side table in Bianco Carrara and Ikona stool in vibrant Giallo Egiziano marble.


Wall-mounted bedside lighting

Another example of a Salvatori-style bedroom, and once again the muted colours of Crema d’Orcia set the scene for a truly relaxing haven, this time in Plissé on the wall and Stone Parquet on the floor. As in the previous image, it is also used for the bedside floating storage unit made from a composition of Ciane drawers, with ample space for the Urano lamp on top.

Additional lighting comes in the form of the wall-mounted adjustable lamp on the other side of the bed, a practical and versatile solution that allows you to direct the light as need be, whether towards a book if you’re reading, or to showcase the Proiezioni coffee table in Nero Marquinia and Bianco Carrara marbles.

Once dusk arrives, and it’s dark outside, this combination of lights, together with a candle inserted in to the Bugia candle holder, creates a wonderful romantic and inviting atmosphere.


More bedside lighting solutions

This classic style bedroom, with its stunning dark brown Pietra d’Avola floor in Stone Parquet, also enjoys plenty of natural light, with the cool white tones of Bianco Carrara making the entire space seem even more light-filled.

This classic white marble is also used in the Anima floating drawers that serve as stylish and practical bedside tables and are also the reference points for the room’s light fixtures, with the timeless Urano on one side, and an elegant hanging lamp on the other.

Finishing touches to this calming, refined bedroom come in the form of original, modern accessories, with a piece of Intarsi wall art in natural stone and a whimsical Archimera miniature sculpture in inky black Nero Marquinia.


More bedside lighting solutions

A popular solution for bedside table lighting is a wall sconce, and in this example, the unusual globe shape adds a decidedly modern touch that is perfectly in keeping with the pared-back style of the room with its hint of eastern design influence.

This is accentuated by the use of Stone Tatami, on the wall in Crema d’Orcia, with borders in Pietra d’Avola. This lovely dark limestone is also used on the floor, again in the Tatami texture, as well as in the bed frame and the Anima wall-mounted drawer and Dritto low table combination that offers handy storage and resting surfaces on either side of the bed.

The final touches to this beautifully understated, stylish modern bedroom come courtesy of the Pietra L11 candle holder in Crema d’Orcia, a Fontane Bianche tray and last, but not least, another piece from the original and quirky Archimera collection.

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