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by Elisa Ossino



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Ciane Modular drawer

Natural materials are exactly that: natural, and as such no two pieces will be identical. Please bear this in mind when looking at the indicative images in this gallery.

If you would like to see our products at first hand, please contact one of our authorised dealers who will also be happy to provide advice and assistance relating to installation, maintenance and ongoing support.

Painstakingly crafted, using precision techniques to create the sharp, delicate edges

Part of the Fontane Bianche series, the Ciane drawers and floating shelves were created as a homage to a modern-day legend, the groundbreaking conceptual artist Donald Judd.

Painstakingly crafted, using precision techniques to create the sharp, delicate edges, the drawers are available in two widths and are designed to sit alongside the Alfeo basin or used on their own, either singly or flanking each other in as many configurations as you wish.

Available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Gris du Marais® and Pietra d’Avola

The Fontane Bianche collection (White Fountains in English), comprises basins and modular storage pieces, mirrors and tap fittings, and takes its inspiration from the Sicilian beach of the same name, a place close to where designer Elisa Ossino grew up.

It also includes a range of complementary bathroom accessories such as modular trays, toothbrush holders and soap dishes.

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