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Edificio Sota

“It is really so easy to create a sensation of luxury with these textures”

The grand Edificio Sota, built as the residence for the local bourgeoisie in the early 20th century, is one of Bilbao’s most cherished buildings. The entire structure, including its imposing façade with elegant arches and richly decorated eaves and windows, underwent a major refurbishment, reopening in early 2016. Now housing private residences, offices and boutiques, it also includes more than 1700 m2 of our Pietra d’Avola in honed, Raw, Romboo and Lithoverde® finishes together with honed Silk Georgette.

Designer Juan Marchante of Rosita Interior Design Studio selected Salvatori products because “I love the philosophy behind them, especially the recycled aspect of Lithoverde which remains aesthetically beautiful” he explains. “It is really so easy to create a sensation of luxury with these textures”.

DESIGNER: Rosita Interior Design

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griglia1_4-3_edificio-sota griglia1_4-3_edificio-sota
griglia4_3-2_edificio-sota griglia4_3-2_edificio-sota
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