The 5 elements that define a Salvatori product



In a world where things are used and thrown away with barely a thought, quality is more important than ever

With so many choices on the market when it comes to selecting high-end materials to build, furnish and decorate with, what is it that clients today are really looking for?

Made in Italy may be a great starting point when it comes to perceived value, especially in the design sector, but what else is important to clients, be they consumers, architects, interior designers or general contractors?

With the help of input from such clients, we’ve come up with 5 key things that make the difference.


Function and form

Clients want something that is beautiful to look at, but it has to be functional. What use is a gorgeous-looking lamp if it doesn’t cast enough light? Or why choose a marble bathroom unit if its drawers stick every time you open them?

The bottom line for us is that every product has to be beautiful and it has to stand up to wear and tear. That sometimes means we spend months finding a technical solution for a tiny detail, but so be it.

The same applies to the packaging of our Home Collection accessories. We want clients to instinctively feel the beauty of the article inside the white Salvatori box and be able to savour the experience even before they lift the lid.



In a world where things are used and thrown away with barely a thought, quality is more important than ever. Clients want to know they are purchasing products which meet the highest standards at every point of the production chain.

For us, it starts in the quarry with the selection of the stone we use and carries through every step, with every single piece passing through the hands of one of our artisans for a final check before it leaves our premises.


Total Look

Creating a cohesive environment in which all the elements come together in harmony is also something clients tell us they love. That doesn’t mean that every item in a bathroom, for example, has to be made of the same stone or texture.

It’s about layering tones and materials, but in such a way that they create an environment that feels complete. That’s why we tend to stick to a limited palette of neutral, elegant colours which complement each other.


Easy to work with

Even the smallest renovation entails pain, mess and a certain amount of confusion. We want to minimise the angst, which is why we created a system we like to call Plug&Play for as many products as we can.

For example, almost all our shower trays and basins are designed to be extremely easy to install and come with extras you wouldn’t expect, such as a waste, the right kind of silicone for use on stone and even the drill bit you’ll need for the screws used.

We can also create bespoke packaging solutions where we pack products according to the space they will be installed in, so as to reduce time on site moving things around from room to room.


Timeless luxury and elegance

Many clients aren’t looking for the latest and greatest trend. These come and go, but natural stone has been around for thousands of years and there is a reason for that. Not just because it is so wonderfully hardwearing, but because aesthetically, it really is timeless.

We believe it is already a stunning material, so all we try to do is give it a tiny twist or use it in an innovative, maybe even surprising way, but always respecting the beauty of its simplicity.

For this reason, we tend to work with muted, neutral stones, but sometimes the glorious opulence of particular marbles such as Rouge du Roi or Cipollino is hard to resist. The key to using such stones is simplicity of design to create that sense of timeless elegance and restrained luxury.

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