How Plug&Play takes the stress out of natural stone


Natural stone is much loved and admired as a material, but there are a couple of misconceptions about how easy it is to use for a project. Often there is a fear that although it is beautiful, it creates difficulty in terms of installation, especially in countries where perhaps tradespeople aren’t used to working with it.

We are committed to taking away any barriers

That’s why we have developed a technique we like to call Plug&Play for a number of products in our Bathroom and Home collections. The idea is that when you receive the product, it is not only simple to assemble or install, but you will find everything you need to get it up and functioning. For example, our Filo shower trays come with a high-flow waste so that you don’t have to think about going out and purchasing one yourself. There are also little extras which may seem banal but not only save time and money, also ensure you have the items which are most suited to natural stone, such as the silicone we provide with a number of products. If you or your installer chooses a silicone that is not designed for use with stone, you may very well see stains develop over time as the silicone seeps into the stone. With Plug&Play, there’s no risk of that.

Another advantage is that we simplify the installation process from a technical aspect. Again, using our shower trays as an example, they have been designed so that either a plumber or a builder can install them. There’s no need for a specialist stone mason either, eliminating the need to coordinate a group of tradespeople and the stress and budgetary impacts that can entail.

In countries where wood, for example, is more the norm in the construction industry, there is no issue working with our stone bathtubs, shower trays and basins because they don’t need cutting or any particular type of expertise. You simply need to follow our user-friendly installation guides and use the tools we include with each product, such as stencils that help you understand where to drill holes to ensure perfect assembly and installation. Many of our products also have a video version of the installation guide and we are working on providing these for every product.

As lovers of natural stone, we are committed to taking away any barriers to our clients being able to enjoy it in their own home or use it for their residential or hospitality project, no matter where they are in the world. Our design approach is all about elegancy and simplicity and that extends not only to the aesthetics of a product but also its usability. Let’s not complicate things, but just enjoy the beauty of natural stone.