Soak up the relaxing coastal vibe of Santa Monica


In the vibrant coastal zone of Santa Monica, Salvatori’s distinctive style of understated luxury forms the basis of a beachside residence that takes contemporary outdoor living to another level

Bathed by sun and home to long stretches of golden beaches and tree-lined streets, Santa Monica is not just a lively residential city, but the perfect example of how architecture and the landscape can create magic together.
The glistening blue Pacific Ocean extends as far as the eye can see, offering glorious sunsets that could – and are – scenes from a postcard. In such a context, it is unsurprising that outdoor living spaces are a key element of home décor, as exemplified by a Salvatori-style residence nestled a stone’s throw away from the beach.
And, on the subject of stone, this beautiful natural material is the star of this elegant but relaxed home, making its distinctive mark not only outdoors, but also throughout the bathrooms and living zones.

From the moment you enter the hallway, you encounter an extraordinary sense of luminosity and spaciousness, with the dazzling cool white of Bianco Carrara marble combining with the expanse of the sea that sparkles beyond the oversize windows.
The sun dances on the flooring in Pietra d’Avola Cotone, while the introduction of wood elements celebrates the elegance of West Coast tradition to deliver an atmosphere that is soothing, welcoming and in perfect harmony with the surroundings.
The layout, furnishings and colour scheme are all designed to free the eye from obstacles and guide it to the view of the ocean.

The morning coffee ritual is always a sacred moment, but when enjoyed in the large living area, it becomes something even more special, setting the tone for the rest of the day. As you rest your cup on the Span Indoor coffee table, you take in the details such as the Pietra L19 shelves, Quadro mirror and the artful combination of natural stone and walnut wood and bask in the warm, relaxing atmosphere. If you have time, it’s the perfect place to ease your way into the day, reading a book to the rhythmic soundtrack of the waves of the Pacific.

The morning routine continues in the master bathroom, a sophisticated décor in which the elegantly scuffed surface of Pietra d’Avola Cotone works in harmony with the gleaming built-in Bianco Carrara Oyster bathtub. With a view of the ocean, it is the perfect place to enjoy a long, relaxing soak and free your mind from everything as you contemplate the waves and endless horizon.
Details such as our Stone Tatami texture, modular drawers and Adda washbasin play their part in creating an intimate and aesthetically appealing space, but perhaps what makes this bathroom truly special is the steam room. Clad entirely in Pietra d’Avola Cotone, this little corner of wellbeing offers the comfort and benefits of a private spa in the comfort of your own home.

The second bathroom contains a double shower, featuring a Filo tray underfoot and Spaghetti tapware and shower roses. Silk Georgette® flooring, a monumental Balnea bathtub in Gris du Marais® and a Punto vanity unit complete the décor.

With its warm, temperate climate and laid-back vibe, Santa Monica lends itself to outdoor living, and this home embraces this idea fully.
The vast terrace, which extends out towards the deep blue of the ocean and leads to an infinity pool, is paved in Pietra d’Avola natural stone tiles. Ideal for outdoor spaces, their elegant dark brown tones blend perfectly with the natural environment.
The terrace is furnished with contemporary outdoor furniture, including pieces from the Span Outdoor collection by John Pawson. Bearing his customary understated style and clean lines, they bring a modern, minimalist feel to the terrace. The dining table and benches in Bianco Carrara are ideal for convivial al fresco lunches or atmospheric candlelit dinners beneath the stars.
The terrace is also designed for quiet moments of solitude, and where better to retire with a book or your favourite playlist than the Curl chaise longue, designed by Piero Lissoni. Stretch out, listen to the ocean, enjoy the sea breeze and feel at one with nature.

Last but not least, this delightful Salvatori outdoor living space includes a Balnea shower, meaning there’s no need to venture inside to rinse off after a refreshing swim. When it comes to elegance, style and comfort, no detail has been left to chance.


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