A contemporary loft in SoHo


The vibrant neighbourhood of SoHo is home to a Salvatori-style contemporary loft apartment with mezzanine floor and a stunning bathroom

The iconic cast-iron frontages are a distinctive architectural feature of SoHo, lending grandeur and elegance to this vibrant Manhattan neighbourhood with its cobbled streets, high-end boutiques and arty vibe.
Their buildings, once vast warehouses, now house galleries, shops, offices and apartments, but are perhaps best known for the open-space loft living concept that became so popular in the Seventies and Eighties.

One of these loft apartments has had a recent makeover in Salvatori style, and the idea behind the décor was to create a contemporary haven of calm and tranquillity, whist optimising every single square metre available.
The colour scheme is based on a palette of neutral shades, from white through to warm creams and greys and rich dark brown, that complement the classic exposed brick that is such a characteristic of New York lofts, while metal accents add a touch of industrial chic that evokes the building’s origins.

The day begins in the mezzanine bedroom, where the first rays of light filter in through the oversize windows and dance on the headboard in Plissé Rovere Coffee. Like many New York lofts, the high ceilings lend themselves to a mezzanine layout, making the bedroom an intimate eyrie and leaving the main floor free for cooking, socialising and relaxing.

Key to comfortable living is having an ensuite bathroom and this one optimises space through the use of an open shower that also acts as a screen between the bedroom and main bathroom elements. The floor is in the soft muted cream of Crema d’Orcia limestone, perfectly contrasted with the shower in dark Pietra d’Avola and the facings of the Balnea vanity unit in matching wood.
Making your way downstairs for breakfast, the dark colours continue in the kitchen island with its top in Pietra d’Avola and cabinetry in wood finished in our Plissé texture, while the floor in Bianco Carrara Stone Parquet creates a cool, airy feeling.

It’s time to head out for your morning run, and SoHo has plenty to distract and entertain you as you make your way along designer showrooms, bohemian cafés and discreet art galleries. As you lope along Broadway, you pass storefronts with their beautifully presented window displays, such as Prada and Bloomingdales, and soak up the atmosphere created by the contrast between the old cast-iron buildings and the ultra-modern neon signs.

After an invigorating run and quick shower, it’s time to settle down in a comfy leather armchair and relax with a book, magazine or favourite podcast. The living corner may be part of the open space main floor, but its furniture has been artfully arranged to create the idea of a separate nook, distinct from the dining and kitchen zones.
Anchoring the living area is the Omphalos square coffee table in Crema d’Orcia. Its low, squat shape, clean lines and the way it seems to almost float in the air all ensure it draws the eye. Creating textural contrast are a pair of oversize leather chairs face the feature wall in Bianco Carrara Infinito which complements the warm grey of the Gris du Marais® staircase to perfection yet remains delineated as its own space, in line with the principles of loft living.

There are plenty of ways to while away an afternoon in SoHo, and for shoppers, the area is a paradise, with its paved streets filled with independent boutiques and luxury brands alike. You never know where you will find that must-have piece or perfect accessory, but if it’s anywhere in New York, it’s likely to be here.
Of course, there’s much more to SoHo than shopping, as any art lover knows. The neighbourhood is dotted with art galleries, each with its own unique style and personality, and time flies as you browse works from emerging and established artists alike.
As the sun goes down, the atmosphere changes and SoHo takes on a new lease of life, and a great way to experience it than with a stop at The Mercer Kitchen, a chic and sophisticated spot renowned for its great cocktails.

When you’ve had your fill of the buzz of SoHo nightlife, what better than heading back to your stylish loft apartment and enjoying a blissful soak in the Balnea bathtub. A monumental circle, carved from a single block of Gris du Marais® marble, it embodies the magic that happens when you combine natural materials, precise geometry and incredible design.

When you live in a hectic city like New York, the bathroom is the perfect antidote to the frenetic pace of daily life and this one is truly a soothing sanctuary where you can restore your body and mind.

Outside, SoHo pulsates, and having its buzz and eclectic atmosphere outside your door is undeniably stimulating, but having a tranquil home to return to each day is essential for that elusive life balance. Welcome to the joys, comfort and style of contemporary loft living, SoHo style!


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