Modern bathrooms with large showers: 6 ideas for unique interiors



Creating a modern bathroom with a large shower gives life to an unusual and fascinating space

6 tips for modern bathrooms with large showers

Furnishing a bathroom is never an easy task. Whether the bathroom in your home is small or not, finding the right balance between necessity and pleasure is always a task that requires time, energy, and above all expertise.

In any case, whether you need to furnish a small bathroom or have as much space as you want at your disposal, the shower is always the most popular element for this type of environment. If you have the possibility of including a big shower in your bathroom design, then all the better, as this element can create truly unique environments.

So let’s find out together why designing a modern bathroom with a big shower is always an excellent choice, and discover 6 beautiful large shower ideas to take inspiration from to create wonderful modern bathrooms.


Why create a modern bathroom with a large shower?

The modern bathroom is a versatile space that has to meet a wide range of needs while maintaining a pleasing overall style. Today this room has assumed considerable importance, above all for the quality of the time we spend in it, and for this reason it must constitute an ambiance that is both elegant and relaxing.

Of all the elements that make up the bathroom, the shower is the one that best achieves this objective. An element that allows you to relax in peace and quiet, but always quickly as the contemporary world demands, using it to furnish a modern bathroom allows you to create a real small-scale spa inside your home. Let’s discover together 6 original ideas to create a modern bathroom with a large beautiful shower.


Intimacy: the shower niche

An excellent strategy to create a large shower in your bathroom is to make space for it by constructing a niche. In this way it is possible to install a large shower without affecting the spaciousness of the room. An attractive and innovative solution, the recessed shower is often made to measure for the bathroom in which it is to be installed.

This extravagant shower is a beautiful example. By inserting two large glass doors on either side of what was once a corridor, we have created a tranquil environment that still manages to be bright, and above all very spacious, without affecting the part of the bathroom most subject to passage. The combined use of several Filo flush shower trays, and the choice of tiling the entire room with the same texture, our Pietra d’Avola Cotone, made it possible to create a splendid and welcoming refuge.


Large shower? Take advantage of the design

The shower tray is undoubtedly one of the fundamental elements of this accessory which, as we know, ends up characterising the style of the entire bathroom. Recessed, supported, floor-level… there are many versions of shower trays available, the important thing is to choose one that is not only functional but also beautiful and elegant, and natural stone is certainly one of the most suitable materials for this purpose, not only because it is naturally resistant, but because of its unique and ever-changing beauty that has continued to fascinate us for millions of years.

An example of this is this modern black bathroom, where our Balnea, with its romantic contours, creates a soft and cosy ambience, where you can breathe in a sense of complete harmony. In its version in Pietra d’Avola, then, and in a complete match with the wall tiles (in polished Pietra d’Avola and CNC), it further enhances the style of the entire room.


The modern shower is the walk-in shower

A special type of shower, and one that fits perfectly into the modern bathroom, is the so-called luxury walk-in shower. This type of shower is designed to remove barriers and create a fluid and innovative bathroom environment. All that is needed to create this type of shower is glass, taps and fittings, and a shower tray, preferably level with the floor.

In the beautiful beige and dove-coloured bathroom we are proposing, the bathroom environment is unique and uninterrupted, precisely to increase the sense of openness typical of the walk-in shower. Our Filo flush shower tray in the floor level version has made the task extremely easy as it helps to create no visual barriers. Made of Crema d’Orcia, like the Stone Parquet floor, it blends in with the rest of the room in such a way that you hardly notice it. Thanks also to the walls enriched with the elegant movement of Silk Georgette® Rain, and the touch of colour of the Ikona stool in Guatemala Green, this large shower communicates a wonderful sense of belonging and relaxation.


Exaggerate with a double shower

A beautiful type of large shower to create in a modern bathroom is that of the double shower. This solution allows you to not only enrich the experience of using it but also increases the value of the room, and consequently of the house.

The important thing, when you want to create a large shower with these features, is to keep the design simple and effective, to create a perfect match with the rest of the bathroom, as in this example where, thanks to the beige and grey tones of our Silk Georgette®, we have recreated a spa environment. In addition to the walls in the Raw finish, which faithfully reproduces the variability and warmth of wood, we installed double fittings and placed two of our Filo shower trays on the floor, to increase the overall sense of fusion and create a more inclusive user experience. Thanks to their unique design, the two shower trays flank each other perfectly, creating one large uninterrupted shower tray.


Combine functionality and elegance in a single shower

When the bathroom is large and you want to make it elegant by installing a big shower, you must always remember not to neglect its necessary functionality; as in this example, where thanks to the use of Bianco Carrara marble, enriched with a texture with characteristic veining, and the introduction of two spacious Linea shelves, it is possible to create a particularly elegant and functional environment at the same time.

In fact, the slim profile of the shelves not only provide the large shower with more practicality but also harmonise completely with all the other elements in the bathroom, such as the Raw and Stone Parquet wall tiles and the Balnea shower tray. Finally, the addition of an original designer shelf, such as the Ikona stool in Egyptian Yellow, completes this large functional shower in style.


The open shower: for those who live without barriers

The open shower is the most daring of all the options we have seen. It is suitable for people who live without barriers and who are looking to create a truly unique environment where they can abandon themselves completely to their senses.

To achieve this, you need to ensure that the few, but essential, components that make up the shower are elegant and match the bathroom perfectly. From the shower tray to the bathroom fittings, everything must be carefully thought out: the absence of barriers makes this shower completely exposed.

This modern white bathroom is an example of this: the floor-level shower tray, made with Bianco Carrara marble, is a total and inclusive match for the Infinito texture, which runs non-stop along the walls and floor of the bathroom. The use of designer taps developed in collaboration with Fantini, contribute to adding that elegant and refined touch to this boundless shower.

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