Under the Sun of Cascais


Cascais is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Take a peek inside a home that seamlessly captures the sophisticated, elegant atmosphere of this vibrant Portuguese coastal town.

Cascais, a historic seaside resort located on the beautiful coast of Lisbon, was born as a small fishing port and is called the “city of kings and fishermen”. This name comes from the contrast of the local population with the noble class, in fact in the nineteenth century King Luis I chose it as his summer residence. With the movement of the Portuguese nobility, the town was also a destination for many members of high society from all over Europe, for this reason the city saw the construction of large villas and holiday homes, sumptuous places of entertainment and beautiful parks.

In this very scenic city we see the architecture of the nineteenth century fused with the charm of traditional Portuguese architecture and the wealthy and sophisticated atmosphere of those times is still present.

The same atmosphere can be found in many modern villas built in the current century, and an example is our project in perfect Salvatori style, where design and elegance blend with tradition and simplicity.

A good start to the day can be had by taking a quiet swim in the pool in the outdoor area of the villa. This minimalist environment enjoys a warm and engaging atmosphere, thanks to the Imperial Stone Parquet floor and Imperial Lime walls.

In a continuum of the browns the Balnea shower tray in Crema d’Orcia and the Curl chaise longue in Pietra d’Avola stand out, elegant and at the same time essential.

The materials used, with their warm tones, are consistent with the climatic temperatures of Cascais, a town that enjoys a pleasant mild climate with hot but dry summers and is the ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation attracting different types of tourists: families with children, young people, and couples of all ages.

The stone represents a central element, which refers to the cobbled streets of the historic centre, gracious and welcoming, guardian of the true Portuguese tradition. Walking through the streets of Cascais we can admire historical monuments, go shopping in typical shops, have lunch in the restaurants of the centre and visit numerous museums and art galleries. In fact the city enjoys, in addition to breathtaking views and enchanting beaches, many cultural attractions.

If, after visiting the Castro Guimares Museum or the Casa das Historias Paule Rego Art Gallery, we wish to have a chat in total tranquility, we can return home and enjoy the living area of the villa where we find the prestigious Imperial travertine on the walls and floors for a sophisticated environment with refined essentiality.
The made-to-measure bench, invites us to take time for ourselves sipping an aperitif or reading a book.
The white Bianco Carrara marble emerges from the background with the Urano floor lamp, the Bugia candle holder, and the two Proiezioni coffee tables. The white of the Carrara marble is counterbalanced by the black of the bases of the Proiezioni coffee tables in Nero Marquina, of the LoveMeLoveMeNot coffee table in Noire Saint Laurent and finally by the Curl chaise longue in the ever-present Pietra d’Avola.

In this location we can admire the wonderful beaches, which differ from those in the north and east.
The beaches in the north are wild and windy, suitable for those who love adventure, they are the ideal place for those who want to surf and enjoy pleasant excursions on hiking trails. An example is the Praia da Guincho, reachable from the centre through a bike path that follows the coastline in the wonderful scenery of the Serra de Sinta National Park.

If, however, what we want is to relax, then it will be more appropriate to move to the east, to beaches more suitable for families, such as the enormous beach of Carcavelos, one of the most beautiful in the region.

In Cascais it’s beautiful to spend the evening in the restaurants of the centre or in one of the nightclubs, all after admiring an enchanting sunset from the cliffs of Cabo da Rocha.
And if later we want to experience a fashionable night out it’s possible to go to the Casino of Estroil, “freguesia” of Cascais that can be reached by taking a walk along the waterfront.

However before going out, after spending a day out by the sea or in a boat, walking the streets of the city, or visiting museums, it will be appropriate to refresh, taking advantage of the Salvatori bathroom.

In this area of the villa, the colours change and the Pietra d’Avola is the undisputed master. Everything is made with this material: walls, ceilings, tables, and towel rails, the Vasco sink and the Ciane drawer, but also the decorative tray, the table mirror, and the shower base.
Black is dominant and manages to give a sense of luxury and sophistication as perhaps no other shade would have been able to do.

The town of Cascais is a tourist destination without any particular pomp or excess, but despite this, the atmosphere is still perceived as charming and sophisticated.

Salvatori in this villa has managed to recreate the same sensation, using warm colours to reflect the many golden beaches that can be visited, blending modernity with tradition.

Cascais is able to give an authentic Portuguese experience!

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