How to choose the perfect bedroom wall colour décor



4 tips to help you choose the perfect colour combination for your bedroom walls and create a stylish relaxing haven

How to choose your perfect bedroom wall colour combination

Whatever the style, be it classic, modern or minimalist, the bedroom is the custodian of our rest and our dreams, which is why it is important to choose the colours of the walls that foster a relaxing atmosphere and are, of course, elegant.

Colour is not merely a purely aesthetic choice, but also alters our perception of space and corrects or offsets any architectural imperfections a room may have.

Before you decide upon your bedroom colour scheme, take a while to really think about the look and feel you want to create, starting with the furniture and furnishings you already have, unless you plan to change them because they don’t fit with your vision for your dream bedroom.

To help you plan that special space, we’ve put together a few suggestions that we hope will inspire and guide you, including how to combine colours, where to apply them and how to inject an extra flourish of personality.


Choosing the perfect bedroom colours

When planning a bedroom wall makeover, there are a few fundamental rules to keep in mind so that you end up with an environment that reflects your personal taste and requirements. Apart from the structural or architectural characteristics of the room, such as proportions, light and shape, the colour palette should be a top priority as this will define the room’s look and feel.

With such a vast range of shades to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start, so let’s take a look at 4 areas to consider:

  • A helping hand from colour therapy to find the perfect bedroom colours
  • Harmonious palettes for a bi-colour bedroom
  • How to mix up your colour scheme
  • Add the X factor to the bedhead wall

How colour therapy can help you choose your bedroom colour scheme

Colour therapy provides plenty of useful ideas to guide your choice of bedroom colours. Relaxing hues of blue, green, brown and grey foster serenity and peacefulness, whereas bold, vibrant tones such as yellow, orange and red transmit more energetic sensations. Beige, in particular, creates a classic, timeless look and provides a discreet canvas for furniture and accessories. It also works equally well with other neutral colours such as white or off-white and decisive tones such as dark brown.

Another versatile and restful bedroom wall colour is grey, ideal if you want a neutral environment, and able to accommodate future changes in the colour and style of furnishings. It combines well with similar shades such as dove-grey or slate.

Striking a lovely balance between grey and beige is our Silk Georgette® limestone, often described as greige in colour. Other winning choices for a relaxing bedroom are blue, which suggests serenity and security and any colours close to white, powder blue or pale grey.


Two colours for harmony and contrast

Another excellent solution for the perfect bedroom colour scheme is to choose at least one colour that works in harmony with the floor. Dark flooring colours such as Pietra d’Avola should be paired with pale shades on the walls to create the right balance of light while an all-dark look tends to create a more modern, all-embracing environment.

Lighter floors open up more possibilities in terms of wall colours, allowing you to experiment with more vivid accents. You may also decide to use two different wall colours and this can be an excellent trick if you need or want to play with the room’s optical illusion. For example, painting the wall opposite the bedroom door in a darker colour will create a greater sense of depth, particularly if you then add the right lighting.

The same idea applies to altering the perception of the room’s height. The combination of a pale ceiling and darker walls makes the room seem higher whereas the reverse combination will have the opposite effect.


The 60-30-10 colour rule in the bedroom

If, instead, you move from two to three colours in your bedroom décor, you will need to ensure the appropriate balance and here the 60-30-10 rule comes into force. One of the fundamental principles of interior design, it holds that the dominant colour which determines the overall look of the room, should account for 60% of the space, with a secondary tone, used to create a sense of depth, distributed over 30%.

The remaining 10% is generally described as the accent or contrast colour and often it injects a personal, authentic touch, even in the most classic of décors. It may be used as a wall colour, in the accessories or finishing touches.

Examples of palettes created using this formula include strong contrasts such as black, white and crimson or a more homogeneous trio such as white, brown and green. Whatever combination of colours you choose, following this simple rule will help create a harmonious, balanced bedroom.


Turn the space behind the bed into a feature wall

If your aim is to create an environment that fosters rest and tranquillity but without becoming bland or soulless, the bedhead wall may represent your trump card. Even if you decide to choose neutral, safe colours for the rest of the bedroom, the wall behind the bed is where you can let your imagination and daring side prevail.

You could opt for bright unconventional colours or a stylish or quirky wallpaper, leaving no doubt that this is a feature wall that expresses your personality.

For a more sophisticated look, however, you might consider natural stone in a gorgeous texture. This is a choice that opens up many possibilities, including the chance to play with light and bring out the depth of the texture, even if you decide to go for a similar shade as the rest of the room. An example might be all-white walls, but with the surface behind the bed clad in Bianco Carrara Chevron or Tratti texture. Another combination is cream or grey complemented by a feature wall in Pietra d’Avola or Gris du Marais®. The possibilities are endless. Then, simply add a bed with simple, elegant linen, a handful of unfussy accessories and streamlined items of furniture and you have a stylish modern bedroom.

As we have seen, the choice of the right colour scheme is fundamental to creating a welcoming and relaxing bedroom. You will find more ideas and tips to help you create a stylish haven on our website, where you can also find hundreds of inspiring photos and products.

If you are planning a bedroom makeover and have a question or would appreciate some expert input, please feel free to get in touch and one of our design consultants will be delighted to help.

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