7 design ideas for a truly stylish bedroom



If you’re planning a bedroom makeover and want to create an elegant and original new look, discover these 7 simple but effective design ideas

7 ideas to help you create a stylish bedroom

Decorating bedrooms can be fun but also demanding, trying to decide on the look you want to achieve in this most private of rooms where we can give full rein to our own personal design taste and create a mini world away from the rest of the house.

Today we take a look at how to transform a bedroom into a stunning and original space with 7 must-see examples of stylish design.


The bedroom as a haven

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home for a number of reasons, with the primary one being that it is here that we retire in order to rest and restore ourselves. After all, the importance of a good night’s sleep is not to be underestimated when it comes to the quality of our daily lives.

It has also come to represent a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home, a role that perhaps it has only started to assume in recent years. Ideally, we want to create an elegant environment that is welcoming and calming, a place where we can shut out noise, stress and distraction, and simply relax.

With that said, let’s take a look at 7 original and inspiring ideas to help you plan a stylish bedroom makeover.


Think differently about your bedside table

There are certain items of furniture and furnishings that are a must when it comes to decorating a bedroom, and one of these is the bedside table, an indispensable element in terms of practicality.

While the more traditional solutions are a small table or chest of drawers, why not opt for something a little more contemporary, with a wall-mounted option such as our stylish Linea shelf. Not only is it extremely versatile, as you can install it at whatever height works best for you, but because it does not sit on the floor, it makes the whole space look lighter and less cluttered.

This effect is further emphasised in this photo by using the same stone on the shelf and wall, in this case our exclusive Gris du Marais®.


Not your ordinary bedhead

Another simple but highly effective trick for upping the visual impact without eating into precious floor space is to think about how the bedhead can play a part in the overall look. Instead of the more conventional solution where the mattress is inserted into or onto a frame, you can attach the bedhead directly to the wall.

By choosing stone, you also get to play with texture, allowing you to create an original look that lends an element of design chic to your bedroom. Here, for example, we have installed a panel in our CNC texture in the lovely dark tones of Pietra d’Avola limestone to provide a warm contrast with the pale walls and floor. The texture brings depth and interest to the room without disturbing its soothing, understated atmosphere.


Create a dressing room

As we mentioned above, today’s modern bedroom also has a role as a sanctuary where you can take time out to simply relax, without external stimuli and stress. If space permits, you could take this a step further and transform a corner of the bedroom into a kind of dressing room where you can get ready in the morning or before you go out in the evening in total comfort.

It is surprisingly easy to achieve, requiring just a couple of key elements, namely a large mirror and wall-mounted drawers or similar so that you don’t risk cluttering the entire bedroom.

Here we have installed a series of Anima modular drawers to create a dressing table and a mirror from the same collection. The result is an inviting, elegant corner that feels spacious, but offers plenty of practical storage so that you can keep items such as cosmetic and jewellery close at hand, but out of sight. Adding a flourish of colour is a stool from the Ikona collection.


The right lighting

Bedroom lighting is an aspect that requires particular attention. While a source of general illumination is usually a given, it is also important to think about adding some form of light beside the bed. While a table lamp is the usual solution, this is also an opportunity to inject a touch of design into the room without compromising functionality.

Our Urano fits the bill perfectly with its cool white tones and perfect sphere adding harmony and an almost ethereal atmosphere to the bedroom. It transmits a lovely soft glow that creates a gentle, warm sensation, perfect for this environment.


Make your walls work

Another key element in improving the aesthetic credentials of a bedroom is the choice of wall finish, whether that is paint, wallpaper or tiles. Natural stone may not be the first material that comes to mind, but it offers an incredible array of looks, it is unquestionably a design feature that lifts the entire look and feel, and last but not least, it is hardwearing and easy to look after.

In this modern master bedroom, we have used Stone Tatami on the wall, with the soft pale tones of Crema d’Orcia Select bringing tranquillity and warmth to the room, while the dark accents in honed Pietra d’Avola add personality and definition. Just this one simple design feature creates a bedroom that is welcoming, stylish and highly original.


Connect with nature

The importance of the environment is an aspect that is increasingly being incorporated into modern interior design, with a move towards forging closer connections with nature. Even in the smallest apartment, you can embrace this approach by adding a touch of green.

Whether it’s a palm, a pot plant or even just a bunch of flowers or single leaf, it creates a link with nature and you can take that to another level by displaying it in a designer container, such as our Mono vases. Made from a single piece of natural stone, you have a further connection with nature, and each is designed to hold a single stem, hence the name.

A simple but impactful accessory that is just as gorgeous even without greenery, a Mono vase adds an understated flourish of Made in Italy design to your bedroom.


Keep order in style

A factor that can contribute not only to the look of a bedroom but also its capacity to foster rest and sleep is tidiness. We’re not only talking about the obvious things such as clothes needing to be put away in wardrobes and drawers, but also smaller objects such as jewellery.

Finding the perfect container to hold such items is not always easy, but the answer is to look for something that also works as a decorative object, outside of its purely functional purpose.

With their elegant combination of natural stone and gorgeous walnut wood, our Pietra L09 containers tick both boxes and sit alongside other designer accessories in perfect harmony, such as the Fontane Bianche mirror and Gravity sphere seen in this photo.

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