Ideas and solutions for designing a grey bathroom



Discover all the advantages of a grey bathroom

How to design a grey bathroom

Grey has become one of the most popular colours for bathroom interior decor. The reason for this is that it is a neutral colour and therefore extremely versatile, able of adapting perfectly to any style, colouring, or material.

While in the past there was a notion that bathrooms should have light and soft tones, in recent years designing bathrooms with a dark colour scheme have attracted more and more interest. Compared to black, however, grey is a less bold and more refined choice, giving the bathroom a classic and elegant touch.

Here we present the many advantages of furnishing a bathroom with these shades and 3 extremely elegant examples from Salvatori, with its refined range of grey marbles, to take inspiration from.


The advantages of a grey bathroom

A grey bathroom interior is, among the so-called dark bathrooms, the solution with the most advantages:

  • It conveys a sense of calm
  • It’s a strong, full colour
  • It creates a compact and uniform space
  • It makes even smaller bathrooms special
  • It’s perfect for wall tiles and furniture

Thanks to its neutral tones, grey is able to convey a sense of calm to the whole room, but at the same time it is a full, bold colour, that adds character.

As well as being beautiful and elegant, grey can also solve a number of problems when used wisely. A grey bathroom wall covering gives the perception of a more compact and uniform space, even when the floor or the walls of the room are not regular, and it is also perfect for smaller bathrooms, thanks to its ability to create a play of light and shadow.

Finally, another advantage of this shade is that it lends itself wonderfully to being used for wall coverings and furniture. Dark grey bathroom wall tiles include the exclusive Gris du Marais®, while if you want to create modern light-coloured bathrooms, then the choice can fall to something brighter, such as the veined Grigio Versilia.

Whether light or dark, grey is perfect for any type of wall or floor, and the same goes for decor: choosing grey bathroom furniture ensures that the environment in which it is placed never goes out of fashion.


Colours to combine in a grey bathroom

Matching colours in a bathroom is certainly not an easy task, but choosing shades of grey to decorate a bathroom gives the room a touch of class thanks to the enormous versatility of this colour which, in fact, goes perfectly with all types of tones. The most common combinations are:

  • A grey and white bathroom
  • A grey and black bathroom
  • A grey and wood bathroom

Grey and white bathrooms are an extremely delicate and chic choice. While the first colour is neutral and refined, the second provides an extraordinary brightness: this synergy creates a bright, clean, and harmonious environment.

If you are looking for a more unusual combination, a black and grey bathroom is certainly an excellent solution, but one that needs to be considered carefully: the mix of these two shades gives the room a very strong character. A combination suitable for large rooms, it can be made even brighter and more spacious thanks to the use of large slabs of natural stone such as our Pietra d’Avola.

Another popular combination is that of a bathroom made using grey and wood. In this case, the wood acts as an ally to the grey, breaking up the continuity of this colour and enriching it with warmth.


A modern grey bathroom

This idea for grey bathroom wall coverings we propose demonstrates an environment totally permeated with Gris du Marais®. The walls are made with this marble in the Tratti finish, a pattern that starts with our Cotone texture and, with the addition of metal inserts in Midnight Black, gives life to an engaging design.

All the elements of decor present are part of the Anima collection, starting with the freestanding washbasin made of the very same material. The soft shape, which conveys sensual and spiritual qualities, gives the impression that this design piece has been modelled from clay.

With the Freestanding Towel Rail, Anima unites a metal structure with a pair of sinuous surfaces in natural stone, which act as supports for accessories and objects, in this case the toothbrush holder and soap tray.


A grey bathroom with bathtub

The covering of this modern grey bathroom,  is once again the Gris du Marais®, in its Levigato format.

The contemporary look is given by the design of the Alfeo double washbasin, created from a block of natural stone. The very thin edges and delicate profiles are interrupted by elegantly masculine taps made of gunmetal-coloured aluminium. The two washbasins are then dominated by two rectangular Archimede mirrors.

The choice to adopt this colour can also be made for grey bathroom furniture, such as this Ciane Vano a Giorno shelf, or a bathtub, such as the one proposed: the Oyster Bathtub. Installed with wall-mounted taps, with its wonderfully simple structure, clean lines, and 16 possible combinations of textures, this bathtub is a perfect match for any modern bathroom.


A small grey bathroom

We have seen how grey also adapts brilliantly for small bathrooms, if used with care and with the necessary precautions. A perfect example is this long, dark bathroom. Gris du Marais® in the Tratti finish has been chosen as the wall covering to embellish the left side, and in Levigato to harmonise the room.

We then find the Afleo washbasin, this time combined with the series of Ciane Modular Drawers 60cm long and, given the restricted space, the Mirari Circle Mirror has been inserted to visually enlarge the room. A stylish and extremely functional choice, very useful to give even more light to an apparently dark room.

Finally, the soap dish and table mirror from the Fontane Bianche collection are included as a final touch that is both delicate and bold at the same time. The design of this grey bathroom is completed by the Flamingo Coat Stand: a structure formed by a thin metal gun stem, complimented by five discs of different shape and colour.

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