4 winning ideas for modern marble floors



Contemporary natural stone and marble floors are the perfect foundation for elegant, striking interiors. We’ve put together 4 stylish ideas showcasing the beauty of stone flooring

Ideas for modern natural stone floors

Modern natural stone or marble floors have the potential to become a pivotal design feature of a space. Given the incredible array of colours stone comes in and the prevailing décor trends and ideas, they provide a perfect fit with the principles of modern, pared-back design. In fact, the word “marble” in relation to floors can conjure up images of polished opulence and ostentation, but it can also be used in discreet, elegant ways to create contemporary, understated interiors.

Stone floors add another design dimension to any room of the home, from living to kitchen, from the bedroom to bathroom, without forgetting the hallway or entryway. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to ideas, but as we always say, they need to be guided by concepts such as linearity, clean lines and understatement, not forgetting to consider the dimensions of the space, and the style and look you are aiming to achieve.


The versatility of natural stone flooring

With such a myriad of colours and types of stones to choose from, where do you start? For contemporary marble or stone flooring, however, white, black and pink tend to win the vote. White creates a sense of lightness and spaciousness, black is ideal for large areas and combines well with other materials such as wood and steel, while pink is a popular choice for smaller environments in need of a touch of warmth and light.

For an even more modern décor, there is nothing stopping you from combining different colours and types of stones. For example, white marble with a black or dark brown limestone never fails to create a striking mood and visual impact.

When talking about modern natural stone floors, the possibilities are almost boundless, but we are putting the spotlight on the most-loved colours. Here are 4 ideas of how to create elegant contemporary floors in marble and other natural stones.


Classic white marble for a truly modern floor

A modern floor in white marble immediately suggests cleanliness, neatness, understatement and purity. If that weren’t enough, it also makes the space appear larger and more luminous.

White is, of course, always popular for the ease with which it can be combined with other colours, and in marble, it becomes even more versatile, due to the array of materials it can be paired with to create looks ranging from minimalist to striking, full of contrasting or bright shades.

We have long been fans of understated, harmonious environments and Bianco Carrara marble is an invaluable ally, not only for floors but also for walls, furniture and items such as bathtubs and basins. Rather than a highly polished finish, we opt for a more matte effect, bringing out the stone’s innate beauty through a variety of textures and playing with light and shadow to create elegant interiors such as this example. Here, the Bianco Carrara marble is interpreted on the walls in Lithoverde®, our award-winning recycled texture, and in a honed finish on the floor, Oyster bathtub and Dritto coffee table. The result is a bathroom that uses only white, but is brimming with style and nuances.


A modern dark brown-black stone floor

A black or dark-brown stone marble floor indicates bold, decisive taste and always creates an eye-catching effect. It is also a versatile canvas for a modern, minimalist or classic décor. Before making a final decision, however, you should always carefully consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives, because dark flooring can reduce the sensation of spaciousness.

We have two stones in our repertoire that have proven exceptionally popular over the years with designers, architects and private clients seeking a dark, elegant material:

Both are exceptionally hardwearing and perfect for creating luxurious, striking environments that stand up to wear and tear for decades, if not centuries.

While dark-coloured floors are usually paired with lighter hues in the rest of the furnishings to create contrast and light, we believe that a ‘Total Look’ in Pietra d’Avola or Gris du Marais® can produce stunning results. The trick is to add depth and interest by playing with light and textures such as our Romboo with its mesmerising three-dimensional effect.


Modern flooring in pale pink stone

Pink marble floors are an excellent solution if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while retaining a modern feel. The array of innovative decorative ranges and unusual textures, pink floors are the perfect complement to streamlined, minimalist furnishings and furniture.

Pink is also a wonderfully versatile colour for floors as in paler shades it is ideal for small, poorly-lit spaces, as it is light in every sense of the word, while in both soft and more vibrant variants it also works well in larger areas.

When it comes to pink, we tend to use a lovely pale creamy limestone called Crema d’Orcia that lends itself to a variety of products beyond walls and floors, for example bathtubs and basins. The Ishiburo collection, designed by Kengo Kuma, showcases its ethereal beauty and in fact the stone itself was an integral element of his vision for the range which he originally only envisaged in Crema d’Orcia.


Black and white stone floors

If you are looking to create impact and a wow effect, look no further than a black and white stone floor. With an artful play of texture and perspective, this timeless combination gives rise to optical flooring that recalls vintage Sixties and Seventies style and never fails to deliver a visual punch.

We take pride in creating unique and versatile environments and experimenting with ways to combine our materials. In this London residence, for example, we have taken the classic black and white chessboard design and given it a Salvatori makeover, cutting and laying stone tiles in such a way to bring movement to the floor.

Another variation on the black and white theme comes here in the choice of stone, where instead of a traditional black to pair with Bianco Carrara, we use Pietra d’Avola. Its rich dark-brown tones provide the perfect counterpoint to the coolness of the white marble, warming up the overall look and delivering contemporary drama to the space.

With such a commanding floor, you need to add just one or two pieces of simple furniture, such as the Pliss cabinet with a ribbed facing that echoes the linearity of the stone tiles.

Modern-day natural stone and marble floors are not only glorious to look at, but are incredibly versatile, hardwearing and durable. You could say they are timeless not only in a design sense, but also in terms of longevity, making them a sound investment.

We are committed to developing elegant, understated products and designs that meet the demands and tastes of discerning clients who are looking to create beautiful and user-friendly homes.

We invite you to discover our range of natural stones and textures or to get in touch if you would like a free design consultation with one of our experts.

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