6 stylish ideas for interior walls in natural stone



If you’re looking for ideas to decorate your walls, we’ve got 6 inspiring examples of unique, modern interior design.

6 ideas for stylish modern interior walls in natural stone

From a decor point of view, the walls play a fundamental role of any interior space and the good news is that they offer a way to completely transform the look of a room with surprisingly little effort. It really is a question of colour, material and texture.

One of the latest trends in modern interior design sees a return to a material that was prized for centuries and used for some of history’s most imposing buildings. That material is marble and other forms of natural stone, but with today’s technology, it offers a myriad of textural variations and effects for interiors that are contemporary and elegant.

We take a look at why interior walls in natural stone are a winning solution and offer 6 inspiring ideas to help you design beautiful and practical modern interiors.


The advantages of natural stone walls

There are 3 great reasons you should consider cladding interior walls in natural stone:

  • Aesthetics
  • Toughness and durability
  • Energy savings

Natural stone has long been appreciated for its extraordinary beauty, with its unique veins and tones adding a special touch to any environment it graces. Beyond its aesthetic credentials, however, is the fact that it is incredibly hardwearing, able to withstand knocks, meaning it will last far longer than a painted wall.

Another aspect that is maybe less obvious, but just as important, is its capacity to provide insulation. Natural stone keeps a room cool in summer and helps retain heat in winter, making for energy and cost savings in heating and air conditioning.

With so many reasons, it’s no surprise that architects and designers are increasingly choosing natural stone for modern interiors, so let’s take a look at 6 stylish examples of different room.


An unexpected twist to a living room

We start with a modern living room, perhaps the most lived-in space in any home, and one which is used in a variety of ways by different family members, depending on the time of day or the occasion.

An elegant stone tile for the walls is the perfect solution for a living room and with the vast range of textures and types of stone, you are spoilt for choice, but we would suggest opting for something geometric and rhythmic.

Our CNC fits the bill perfectly, as seen in this delicate living room completely decorated in Silk Georgette®. The oversize window brings out the wonderful play of light and shadow that CNC creates, making for a stylish background for the divan and our Ta_Volo table. The interaction with the floor in Stone Tatami makes for a harmonious, contemporary environment.


A stylish kitchen with a textured stone wall

Moving on to the kitchen, natural stone is a particularly smart choice for the walls, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of practicality. This is a room where the walls are going to be subjected, if not to wear and tear, certainly to their fair share of liquids, and with stone, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Stone walls are a great solution for a modern kitchen as you don’t have to sacrifice elegance, something that can sometimes happen in the interests of function. The main wall of this light and airy kitchen in the lovely soft tones of Crema d’Orcia is in our Raw texture, making for an original and eye-catching feature.

The worktop and cabinets are made to measure in matching stone, while homeware items in Bianco Carrara from the Ellipse collection add a subtle touch of design for a modern kitchen that is both beautiful and highly usable.


Romancing the Stone

The intrinsic characteristics of natural stone make it an ideal choice for bedrooms. A gift of nature, and with centuries of history contained within it, stone brings warmth and romance to your bedroom.

When it comes to choosing a texture, given that this is a room that should foster rest and serenity, we would suggest something delicate and soothing on the walls, such as Stone Tatami. In this bedroom we have chosen Crema d’Orcia limestone for its pale, muted colour, paired with just the occasional touch of dark brown Pietra d’Avola to recreate the traditional Japanese matting that the texture takes inspiration from.

Completing the look is a custom bedframe and a pair of artfully mismatched bedside tables in the form of a Ciane wall-mounted drawer and a Dritto side table for a welcoming, stylish bedroom.


A bathroom in stone from top to toe

When it comes to bathrooms, we firmly believe that there really is nothing to rival natural stone. Whether you choose marble or limestone, you have a material that is hardwearing, easy to clean and can withstand constant exposure to water. And, on the subject of water, there is also a special inherent connection between two natural elements that adds another dimension.

We are big fans of a Total Look for modern bathrooms, with stone not only on the wall, but also the floor, basins and bathtub. This really is a case of “never too much”, so we would say to let your creative flair loose and create a gorgeous haven, top to toe in stone.

This moody bathroom in the dappled dark grey of Gris du Marasi® features our beloved eco-friendly Lithoverde® on the walls. Made from offcuts of stone, the subtle bricklike effect introduces a sense of movement without overpowering the tranquil feeling that a modern bathroom should create. With the simplest of pieces, in the form of a Ninfa console basin and our baby Dritto table, the final effect is that of a restorative mini-spa in the comfort of your own home.


How natural stone can define an entrance way

In modern homes, the entrance way is often part of an open plan layout, and sometimes tends to be a little neglected when it comes to décor, or left as a kind of vague, undefined space. All it needs, however, is a minimum of design care to create some sense of identity, and the wall is the perfect place to start, particularly as it won’t use up valuable floor space.

This striking entry shows how natural stone can totally transform a simple wall into a design feature. Clad in dark chocolatey Pietra d’Avola limestone in our Plissé texture, it makes a statement as soon as you enter. Then, with just a couple of understated but perfectly selected accessories, such as the Pliss cabinet, practical and stylish Flamingo coat stand, Mirari mirror and Urano floor lamp in luminous Bianco Carrara marble, you have a spacious, elegant and modern entry way in gorgeous, hardwearing natural stone.


An elegant dining area in natural stone

Like the entrance way, the modern dining room is another space that is often integrated with the living room, and as such, may require some sort of trick or technique to delineate it. Given that it is also the room in which you host guests, it should ideally be elegant and have its own distinct personality.

A simple texture with clean, direct lines is an ideal backdrop for a dining area, such as this example in which the intriguing patterns and shades of Silk Georgette® limestone come even more alive in our Infinito finish.

Its continuity and linearity lend an air of understated elegance to the entire room, harmonising with the floor in the same stone, here in a classic honed finish. The stage is set for convivial meals around the Design for Soul table with its Lazy Susan set into its dramatic black marble top, the centrepiece of this unconventional but supremely stylish modern dining room.

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