The timeless beauty of natural stone



The eternal beauty and durability of natural stone makes it the perfect material not only for monuments of the past, but for contemporary, cutting-edge design

The incomparable quality of stone

Eternal, elegant and precious. Tough, unyielding and versatile. Natural stone simply cannot be summed up in one word, and it is little wonder that this extraordinary multi-faceted material has been used through the centuries. From architecture to ancient Greek and Roman statues through to many of the world’s most iconic monuments, it transmits a perception of luxury and majesty.

Since time immemorial, art has drawn upon this precious gift of nature, hidden in quarries around the world, transforming it into columns, floors and sculptures. A material that withstands the years and yields blocks that are totally unique in their colouring, veining and structure immediately endows a villa, church or monument with a certain nobility and a suggestion that it is special.

Today, natural stone’s timeless elegance has shifted slightly from sculpture and architecture to interior décor and furniture, more often than not with a modern twist and artful design that ensures it is effortlessly at home in a myriad of architectural contexts.

Its eternal fascination, incredible lustre and infinite range of shades and patterns make natural stone a prized element in environments ranging from classic and understated to urban and chic.


The enduring elegance of natural stone

Long the preferred material of artists and interpreted by them in a myriad of forms and contexts throughout the centuries, from architecture to sculpture, from walls and floors of grand buildings to cutting-edge designer furniture and accessories, natural stone is synonymous with elegance and durability.

Whether talking of marble, Travertine or limestone, this wonderful material never fails to induce a sense of awe and respect from whoever sees, touches or walks upon it. The unique veining, its innate expressivity and timeless beauty simply make it irresistible.

We feel privileged to work with natural stone every day and we strive to protect and recreate this sense of wonderment it inevitability provokes, with every tile, basin, bathtub and accessory we produce.


Natural stone: a designer’s dream material

For architects, designers and building firms, stone has become a must-have material, a byword for elegance and style. Among the many reasons it is so prized:

  • It lends personality and a sense of something special to any environment
  • It delivers levels of durability and resistance that very few other materials can match
  • Its versatility makes it ideal for a vast range of contexts and styles.

Cool to the touch, boasting an incredible choice of patterns and colours and able to assume almost any shape, from curves to sharp lines, natural stone lends itself to looks ranging from classic to vintage, minimal to modern, traditional to urban chic.

Alongside the kitchen and living room, it has become a material of choice in the bathroom where it fits the requirements for a clean aesthetic and compact volumes. Natural stone can be used as the main material throughout, to delineate certain zones on the floor, as an unexpected feature wall or as a splash of design by means of an accessory that brings art to your everyday surroundings.

It is a designer’s dream, with plenty of scope for creating stunning interiors, playing with combinations of materials, forms, textures and colours. One of the special qualities of stone is that it can hold its own as the star of the show, but is also a perfect supporting cast member, working in unison with other materials to create a harmonious environment.


Made in Italy innovation and ingenuity

Over five hundred years have passed since a certain Michelangelo went up into the quarries of the mountains behind Carrara in Northern Tuscany to personally select the blocks of marble for the sculptures that were to become famous throughout the world and history. That marked the start of a tradition of excellence in art and craftsmanship that would become synonymous with Made in Italy values.

Unique, breathtaking works of art of inestimable value have continued to be carved and shaped from this wonderful material. Who could not be inspired to abandon the homogenised and homogeneous world of mass production and turn their creativity to finding innovative ways to transform stone into unexpected and excitingly varied pieces of design?

Today, the opportunities are more prolific than ever before, with advances in the following areas in recent decades:

  • New tools and machinery
  • New processing techniques
  • New usage methods

It is the pairing of the magic ingredients of Italian craftsmanship and ingenuity, however, that makes for a winning recipe when combined with these advantages. Harnessing the beauty of raw, untreated stone, we constantly strive to create designer Made in Italy objects that surprise and delight design lovers the world over.


Style and sustainability

When you work with a precious material like stone, it is imperative to do so in a responsible fashion and with utmost respect for planet Earth. Sustainability is critical, which is why we continually don our creative thinking hats to look for ways to reduce wastage.

In recent decades, it has become more pressing than ever to decrease the impact on the environment but we are proud to be able to say we were doing our bit even before it became a hot topic. For many years we have been aware of the need to take steps as a company in this area. All stone work, from carving to cutting to finishing is carried out locally and our machinery is invented, developed and implemented in-house.

Many of our most iconic products are the result of our commitment to sustainability, including Lithoverde®, the world’s first recycled stone texture, which is 99% made of repurposed offcuts (the remaining 1% is a natural soy-based resin). We have also made significant inroads into finding sustainable packaging alternatives, drastically reducing our usage of Styrofoam and substituting it with recycled paper and cardboard.

We are passionate about providing elegant designer products that look great but believe this shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment and our people. We are proud to know that beyond the aesthetics of what we produce is integrity and respect.

Its unique colouring and veining, sustainability and inimitable tactility all combine to make natural stone a timeless material that creates truly special environments. Creativity and know-how transform it into versatile, surprising décor elements in styles ranging from classic to contemporary, but always refined.

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