The Salvatori range of natural stone installation and tile laying services



We offer a range of professional natural stone tile laying and installation services, designed to ensure a perfect result every time

Exclusive installation support services for architects and designers

When an architect chooses a Salvatori product for a project, we appreciate the faith shown in our brand and we want to ensure that once it is installed, the final result reflects the original vision. Not just in the design sense, but also in terms of correct installation so that the product looks as it should and functions correctly for decades to come. We have sadly occasionally seen photos of beautiful Salvatori textures installed upside down or in a haphazard way which completely negates the beauty of the product. It’s painful for us and, of course, even more so for clients and the architects who specified them!

There is simply no room for improvisation or cutting corners when it comes to installing natural stone products without compromising the aesthetic, performance or longevity.

Seemingly simple things such as the direction tiles are laid in and how a texture interacts with the light make an enormous difference with our products. Unfortunately, all too often, these aspects are not considered, meaning that their beauty is not optimised, and so you tend to lose the wow effect that the designer had in mind.

To help avoid such travesties, in selected markets we offer an installation service which can range from providing laying assistance through to a comprehensive turnkey solution.


Installation support from packaging to turnkey solutions

Our natural stone installation and laying services are designed to accompany the various phases of the process, making it efficient and intuitive. By simplifying the entire task for the architect, project manager and tradespeople and removing any risk of incorrect techniques being employed, we can be sure that the result will also mean a happy end client.

In this article we take a look at a selection of our most popular services, all of which are designed to make life easier for architects, builders and their teams. These are:

  • Products divided by colour and destination zone
  • Laying templates that take lighting into account
  • Plug & Play approach for simplified installation
  • Detailed installation guides
  • Turnkey solutions

Products divided by colour and destination zone

We know how difficult it can be to manage logistics on a worksite, particularly when you have enormous quantities of material arriving and having to be sorted and stored while you try to move and work around it. We do all we can to simplify the situation, and this starts with the way we package our products.

Our tiles are sorted by colour, meaning we grade them, grouping similar tonalities together and placing them in the same box so that when you go to lay them, you won’t find dramatic differences that could jar the eye.

Another initiative we developed is designed to minimise our products being moved around a worksite. If the various crates can be delivered directly to where the products are going to be installed, the entire process becomes smoother, from trying tiles to laying them. That’s why we offer a service where we pack products by room, meaning a reduction in time and manpower lugging various elements from crate to different areas, often on different floors.

This is just the beginning, however.


Laying templates that take lighting into account

One of the many charms of natural stone is its incredible range of colours and veining, and this combination makes for interesting interplays with light. In fact, many of our textures are designed to interact with light, which is a truly magic ingredient that creates a subtle but fascinating sense of theatre.

This means that thinking about light sources, whether natural or artificial, is a key part of the design process that will also affect how textured tiles are laid. We can help with this by creating laying guides for particular spaces and providing advice on how to optimise your lighting plan to bring out the texture on certain products. A few simple adjustments here make an enormous difference to the final effect.

We will also place arrows on the backs of each tile to indicate the direction they should be laid in, relative to the light source.


Plug & Play approach for simplified installation

Many of our standard products are developed using an approach we like to call Plug & Play because they are designed to simplify installation. For example, our shower trays are designed in such a way that you don’t need to try and coordinate a plumber, builder and specialised stone mason, as they can easily be installed by a single tradesperson.

A number of our products come with extras such as the drill bit you’ll need or a template to help you understand where to drill holes. Seemingly simple things, but they go a long way to reducing possible mistakes and delays.


Detailed installation guides

All our products are supplied with easy-to-follow installation manuals, and many are complemented by video guides.

Our aim is to make the entire installation process, whether it regards tiles, a bookcase or vanity unit, as clear and smooth as possible, removing any possible obstacles or potential pitfalls. For this reason, we describe every step of the installation process, even if it may seem obvious. Although our design approach is based on “less is more”, when it comes to our installation guides, we take the opposite point of view and prefer to provide plenty of detail so that there is no risk of misunderstanding that could compromise the final aesthetic and performance of our products.

We periodically revise our manuals to ensure they are always accurate, and reflect any feedback we receive.

Of course, if anything is unclear, you can always contact our customer care team who will be happy to provide assistance and details about our installation services if you prefer to entrust the job to professionals who know our products inside out.


Turnkey solutions

Our full turnkey service is currently available in the UK and Italy, whilst we offer a more streamlined solution in other markets. We are constantly training new installation personnel, with the aim of building up a comprehensive global support network.

We have a group of trained and authorised Salvatori installers who will take care of everything, starting with laying tiles on floors, walls and any other required surfaces, then installing any vanities, bathtubs, shower trays and bespoke items. Tiles, slabs and custom-cut pieces are pre-treated where required, laid, grouted and finished with the necessary protectants to ensure they stand up to wear and tear.

For our textured finishes, we’ll ensure they are installed in such a way that the joints are as discreet as possible but conform with any local building regulations.

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