How a natural stone washbasin can transform your bathroom



A natural stone basin is the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a stylish haven, but how do you choose the right basin? We guide you through a selection of inspiring options

Why a natural stone basin is a must-have bathroom feature

Nothing adds personality to a bathroom like a natural stone basin. Beautiful to behold and unfailingly elegant, it declares your style and draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. Its naturalness simultaneously blends with the key trends of modern design and makes its own bold, timeless statement.

Beyond their undeniable aesthetic value, courtesy of the unique patterns and colours that other materials simply cannot reproduce, stone basins are hardwearing and durable, making them an enduring element of our bathroom rituals year after year.

Of course, as with any item of bathroom furniture or sanitaryware, to create a harmonious décor, your choice should be guided by style, installation type and the layout of the room.

We take a look at how to choose the perfect basin, together with 3 inspiring examples of how this basic but stylistically crucial bathroom element can elevate a standard bathroom to a stunning sanctuary.


How to choose the perfect stone washbasin

Far from being a merely functional component, the basin occupies a starring role when it comes to designer bathrooms, making a stylistic splash and becoming a determining factor in your home’s décor. When you choose natural stone, the impact is even more dramatic, with the eternal fascination of this wonderful material reinterpreted in a myriad of ways by talented designers, each with their own inimitable vision.

There are just two simple but fundamental parameters that come into play when deciding upon a natural stone washbasin:

  • The type of basin
  • The architecture of the bathroom

This may seem obvious, but there is no point choosing a gorgeous basin without taking into account how it will fit into the space. For example, if you have a large, spacious bathroom, you might opt for a freestanding basin and place it in a surprising position, perhaps away from the wall. In smaller bathrooms, you can create a touch of visual theatre with a countertop or vessel basin that will immediately lift the entire space for an atmosphere of understated luxury.

Regardless of the layout of your bathroom, a stone basin can transform the mood, with a host of designs to choose from. There really are an incredible selection of modern, elegant solutions that are versatile enough to adapt to a number of spaces, and showcase sharp, minimalist lines or smooth curves depending on the effect you are looking for.

We take a look at 3 of the main types of washbasins.


The delicate minimalism of a natural stone countertop basin

As German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe so succinctly put it, less is more, and his words could have been uttered to describe how to design a harmonious bathroom. You really do need just a few, well-chosen elements and the basin is absolutely essential to the overall result.

A countertop basin is, as the name indicates, placed on a console, vanity unit, counter or other type of support, whether that is a deep shelf, a table or even a repurposed chest of drawers. A designer stone countertop basin, also referred to as a vessel basin, will often be in a very simple shape, with clean lines that do not detract from the beauty of the natural stone. The final effect tends to be delicate and almost mesmerising, as in this example.

Here, the Ninfa natural stone basin sits atop a console in an almost wafer-thin piece of marble with slender gunmetal-coated aluminium legs. The deceptively simple shape of the basin itself hides sophisticated design and workmanship. Made from a single block of Bianco Carrara marble that is finished to an extraordinary thinness, the Ninfa bears the hallmark light touch of its designer Elisa Ossino and is part of the Fontane Bianche collection.

Providing the perfect counterpoint to the pair of washbasins is tapware from the same range, produced by Fantini as part of a joint project celebrating the natural pairing of stone and water. Completing the picture is more white marble, in the form of our Romboo texture, with it striking three-dimensional effect created by the way the light falls across it.


A contemporary reworking in natural stone of a freestanding washbasin

If you remember with nostalgia the old column basins of yesteryear, you will surely appreciate how they have evolved courtesy of contemporary design. The Vasco Colonna washbasin is made entirely in natural stone, from top to toe, making it the ideal protagonist for a Total Look bathroom as in this elegant space where the Silk Georgette® limestone of the basins carries through to the walls and floor. A hidden detail comes in the form of two internal slats that are installed on the diagonal in the upper part of the column, allowing the water to wash over them while at the same time ensuring the plughole is out of sight.

The strong, sharp geometric lines of the Vasco Colonna stone basin are echoed in the pair of Archimede ‘Rectangle’ mirrors that feature an artfully designed hinge that enables them to fold in on themselves, thus creating more angles of vision.

This revisitation of a traditional column basin sees it transformed into a sophisticated design object, bringing a new identity to an old favourite that now becomes the star of a stylish bathroom.


The space-saving grace of a wall-mounted natural stone basin

A freestanding washbasin, such as the Vasco we looked at above, often requires a spacious bathroom, because it does not contain storage so you will need to also make room for shelves, cupboards or drawers. Given that many homes and apartments have to make do with compact bathrooms, what is the solution? The answer lies in a wall-mounted basin, which is particularly effective in optimising space in long, narrow bathrooms.

In such cases, the small or challenging dimensions of the room don’t have to compromise a designer look and in fact, they can even at times be a source of inspiration, as in this example where the coolness of stone combines with the warmth of wood. Our Adda wall-mounted basin is a testament to Made in Italy craftsmanship, with the ribbed walnut wooden facings the work of master joiners and the stone cut and finished to precise standards by our Tuscan artisans.

Pietra d’Avola casts its seductive dark magic even in the lighting, which is a cluster of Silo lamps, each carved from a single piece of this gorgeous brown limestone. Adding just a soupcon of contrast is an Urano table lamp in Bianco Carrara, for a moody, welcoming bathroom that exudes understated luxury.

As you can see, a natural stone washbasin is a sure-fire way to introduce style and elegance to any bathroom. We are passionate about creating beautiful bathrooms, and delight in designing and producing products that transform these essential, functional spaces into a haven of wellbeing in the comfort of your home.

You will find plenty more inspiring examples of modern, elegant bathrooms in the basins section of our website. We also offer a complimentary design service, so if something catches your eye or you would like some advice about choosing the perfect basin for your home, please get in touch with one of our design experts.

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