5 ideas for a stylish home office



Are you considering creating a home office? We’ve put together 5 ideas for a stylish, designer space that stimulates your creativity and productivity

A home office that is not only functional but stylish

Remote working, Working From Home, Flexible Working, or, as it is aptly described in parts of Europe, Smart Working, is fast becoming the norm and as a result, many of us are having to rethink the design of our homes to incorporate an office or study area.

Given that it is destined to be a space where we pass many hours a day, it is important that its layout and furnishings are functional, comfortable and welcoming, particularly if it’s likely that clients may visit.

The design of an office can also influence productivity, with a tranquil, personalised environment generally being more conducive to efficient performance than sterile or chaotic surroundings.

On the style front, the décor should be cohesive with that of the rest of the home, while furniture and furnishings need to hit that perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

If you are thinking of converting a room to a home office, or would like to make your current space more stimulating and productive, this article is designed to help find your ideal solution, whatever your décor style.


A home office for every style

Traditional office furniture was all about dark pieces, most likely in wood, and heavy fabrics, designed to confer a sense of power and authority. Over time however, modern design made its mark as the role of the study became more diverse and fulfilled a number of different roles, as well as being inhabited by a different type of user.

Today, we tend to find modern offices or studies are more open and luminous, usually based on a simple, linear design with neutral or pale colours such as white, that eternal elegant and clean solution that instils a perception of calmness and order.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to err on the safe side. White is the perfect canvas if you want to add more vibrant colours or use different types of material to stamp your taste and design credentials on a stylish office.

If wood, concrete and metal represent a minimalist style, glass, leather and stone offer versatility, perfect for both a classic and contemporary office environment.

Let’s take a look at 5 design solutions for a home office décor that can be adapted to any style.


Designer desks

If you had to choose just one item of furniture for your office, it would surely be a desk and it is the piece that sets the tone when it comes to the style of the room.

The key aspect to consider is the size, as it must be large enough to allow you to work comfortably and hold all the various paraphernalia that you inevitably need close at hand.

While it should be practical, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be pleasing to look at and our Dritto table shows how it is possible to combine both these traits. With its elegant thin stone top atop an iron frame, it blends seamlessly with any office décor style.

The unconventional off-kilter form of the legs juxtaposed with the simple geometry of its top are typical of modern design, making it a smart solution whether you are trying to achieve a classic elegant effect or an industrial look, where natural materials combine with metal.


Read and relax in style

To create an elegant home office, there is no need for numerous pieces of furniture, but instead it is better to follow a “less is more” approach by choosing just a handful of great pieces.

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space at your disposal, you could take things to the next level by creating a relaxation corner where you can pause to relax, read and shut yourself off from your computer and the outside world.

In this case, you will need great lighting, functional furniture and, of course, a comfortable seat, such as our Curl chaise longue, a contemporary piece in gorgeous natural stone.


Stylish storage

Inevitably, you will always accumulate books, documents and stationery in a home office, and given that an orderly environment aids productivity, storage is an important aspect to consider.

Ideal solutions include bookcases and modular drawers or cabinets where you can keep everything out of sight, but easily accessible.

Our Pliss cabinet offers plenty of space, not only with its deep drawers but also its long, wide top, perfect for placing accessories or personal objects on. And, with a choice of different Salvatori textures for its facings, it adds a touch of Made in Italy style to your office.


The right light

If you are going to be reading, writing, studying or working several hours a day, obviously lighting is crucial in a home office. Ideally, if you have the option, you should choose to locate your study in a room with large windows so that you can enjoy plenty of natural light, but of course, functional and stylish artificial lighting is also a must.

A designer lamp serves a dual purpose. Not only does it make things easier on your eyesight, but it also serves as an accessory that introduces a touch of personality into what could otherwise simply be a purely functional space.

Our Urano lamps fit the bill perfectly. A smaller version can sit comfortably on your desk or cabinet to provide the right illumination as you work, or the larger model can be placed on the floor to create a relaxing atmosphere that will help your mindset when you sit down to work.


Add a touch of green to your home office

Once you have chosen your principal items of furniture, it’s time to think about the little touches that can make an enormous difference in setting the style and tone, creating a space that stimulates creativity.

Your home office may be a workplace and a space that needs to be kept neat and orderly, but that doesn’t mean it should feel empty or bland.

Introducing an element of green is the perfect way to counteract the functional nature of a home office, bringing the outdoors into your work day. This doesn’t have to mean giant pot plants that require space and maintenance, but can be something as simple as a vase such as our Mono, which holds a single leaf or stem. Its simple, contemporary form adds designer chic, with or without greenery.

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