5 reasons Salvatori is the go-to brand for high-end commercial interior design projects



Salvatori offers 360-degree assistance, over 70 years of expertise and a host of useful tools to commercial interior design project developers and designers

5 reasons commercial interior design contractors choose to work with Salvatori

When it comes to commercial interior design, perhaps the most important aspect is the ability to combine function and form to deliver spaces that are visually appealing, yet are also able to meet the specific needs of venues that will inevitably be used by clients, customers, employees and visitors.

This is where architects and designers come into their own, as they must be able to interpret their client’s vision in terms of how a space should look and feel. However, they must also understand the accompanying restrictions, whether these relate to the space itself, building regulations or technical considerations regarding matters such as materials, weight and dimensions.

Such technical considerations are an area where Salvatori offers significant added value. We believe that our role is not limited to supplying beautiful natural stone, furniture and accessories, but also extends to providing expert advice and the benefit of our decades of experience in working with stone and on commercial interior design projects around the world.

We have worked on extraordinary projects around the world, with contractors, architects and designers who have chosen us for the unique package we offer:

  • Over 70 years of experience in natural stone
  • A customer-oriented approach
  • A single point of contact
  • 360° technical support and input
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and bespoke solutions

In this article, we explain the advantages for commercial interior design contractors who choose to work with Salvatori.

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Over 70 years of experience working with natural stone

At Salvatori, we are considered the benchmark in natural stone and are renowned for the innovative ways we transform it into high-end products such as textured tiles, bathroom fittings, furniture and home accessories.

Natural stone is not only precious and sought after, but also requires expert knowledge when working with it to ensure the final result brings out its potential and is safe and functional. Factors such as its weight and dimensions are critical in terms of how it is used, particularly in commercial interior design projects.

We have been working with this wonderful but challenging material for over seven decades, and are always happy to share the benefits of our experience. Our master craftsmen, based in our Tuscany factory, know exactly how to get the best out of every block and slab and identify any potential flaws that could compromise its ability to withstand everyday usage.


A customer-oriented approach

When you choose Salvatori, you are not only choosing our products, but also an approach where every detail and element has been selected and created with outstanding skill and meticulous care.

We are available to work with architects and interior designers throughout the entire process, with a range of services encompassing technical and design support from start to finish.
Whether you are involved in a project for a private residential client or working on commercial interior design, which is inevitably a more complex procedure, our goal is to provide solutions based on what you, your client and the end user require. In other words, we take a customer-oriented approach.

Our flagship showrooms in Milan, London and New York are the perfect examples, as this is where visitors can understand the full “Salvatori Experience” at first hand, talking with our team of experienced staff, seeing the full range of stones and textures, and viewing a series of inspiring examples of how our products can be combined.

Our goal is to always offer the same high-quality “Salvatori Experience” everywhere in the world.


Create complete interior designs with a single point of contact

We are one of just a handful of brands around the world able to offer a total look in natural stone, allowing designers to create stunning interiors that exude understated luxury.

On a practical level, this means that if you are an architect, designer, project manager or general contractor, you can find all you need from one company, whether that is tiles for walls and floors, sanitaryware, tables, cupboards or even those small but crucial finishing touches such as toothbrush holders and mirrors.

This makes managing a complex commercial interior design projects considerably easier, because essentially we become a one-stop shop, in the most elegant sense of the term. You can even give us a brief if you have a particular colour or stone in mind, and we will source it.

A perfect example of this is the Armani Hotel in Milan. Designer Giorgio Armani was looking for what he described as a greige stone, in other words, a combination of beige and grey. We found just what he was looking for with our Silk Georgette®, which he then commissioned not only for the floors and walls, but also the vanity units, resulting in a luxurious total look for his five-star hotel.


360° technical support and input

Our Technical Office team of engineers, architects and stone specialists will guide you through the process of fine-tuning designs and selecting the best stone for a project. Then, we have also developed a comprehensive range of practical tools from installation guides and video tutorials to BIM and SketchUp files for all our products.
We have invested significantly in BIM as we believe it is an essential instrument for all parties involved in complex commercial projects, resulting in a smoother process and allowing for tighter budgetary and planning control.

Another aspect that we believe makes life easier for contractors, architects and project managers of commercial interior design projects is providing Plug&Play solutions. What this means is that our products are easy to install, with instructions designed to minimise the risk of anything but a perfect final result.

For complex projects such as multi-unit apartments, we will also develop bespoke packaging, grouping products by unit rather than type so that there is less moving around and sorting on site.

In short, we do everything we can to simplify the entire process for all parties involved in commercial projects, meaning greater cost and time efficiency and less likelihood of damages or poor installation.


Out-of-the-box thinking and bespoke solutions

From technical assistance to bespoke solutions to a “key in hand” approach, we are committed to ensuring a seamless, stress-free design and implementation process.
This philosophy has proved particularly popular with the commercial interior design projects, where it can often be a challenge to deliver ambitious, high-end interior designs on a large scale whilst respecting budget restraints.

At Salvatori, we also love a challenge and always believe there is a solution that will enable an architect or designer’s vision to be brought to fruition. Our problem-solving mindset and willingness to provide bespoke, out-of-the-box solutions is one of our key calling cards and is epitomised in the ETH project. The design for the science faculty of this leading polytechnic called for oversize panels of Travertine and the size alone posed a number of problems. We adjusted our machines to cut them, and then invented a simple but ingenious cantilever mechanism to manoeuvre each giant slab into place.

We more recently created bespoke solutions on a large scale for the prestigious Manhattan 130 William Street complex, where we not only custom-designed kitchen islands in beautiful Nero Marquinia marble, but also provided bespoke bathtubs carved from single blocks of Grigio Versilia. Every bathroom in the 244-apartment building also features walls and floors in a combination of our honed, Raw and Bamboo finishes.

The projects mentioned above are just two of many examples of commercial interior design solutions in which Salvatori has been key to the success. From luxury fashion boutiques and hotels to prestigious office premises and high-end residential complexes, we bring experience, expertise and innovative thinking to the table to ensure our clients’ vision comes to life.

Discover more Salvatori projects or contact us to find out more about the comprehensive range of services we offer the commercial interior design sector.

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