Ludoil Energy HQ, Milan


Milan-based international architecture and design firm De.Tales chose Salvatori stone for the executive suite of Ludoil Energy, located on the third floor of the prestigious Art Deco building The Medelan.

Can you tell us in your own words a little about the projects. What was the inspiration behind the designs?
The offices are housed on the third floor of The Medelan, one of Milan’s most important buildings from an architectural point of view. We were working with interior and exterior spaces of 900 and 130 square metres respectively. Our approach was twofold. Firstly classic, given the Milanese context of residential buildings dating back to the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Here we wanted to reinterpret the typical characteristics found in interiors of that era. The second could be defined as contemporary minimalism, playing with volumes, with solids and voids, for an elegant, streamlined style.

The idea was a perfect balance between traditional and modern that also represented Ludoil’s brand image. As such, we have lines, materials and advanced technology in an intense blue along with finishes that range from natural stone and walnut wood to mirror-glossy metal, bronzed steel and glass.

The space is subdivided in a rhythmic, coherent fashion with an architectural touch that evokes typical Milanese interiors from the beginning of last century and so the look and feel adopt composite paradigms and include typical elements from that time such as patterned parquet flooring, walnut wood walls, natural stone and fluted glass which offers privacy while at the same time allowing light to flow through and create interesting effects.

The opening of the reception area is comparable to the imposing entrances of middle-class residences, with sculptural elements designed for the desk and seating. The hallway becomes a defining connecting feature, reinterpreted here as an art gallery.

Why did you choose Salvatori?
We used Salvatori products for the office space styling and their tiles for the bathrooms because they absolutely reflect the design principles of De.Tales, and they also work perfectly with the forms, tones and materiality of our Ludoil design.

What is it about Salvatori’s design style that particularly appeals to you?
Salvatori’s flair when it comes transforming natural stone into unique, elegant design products is reflected in their design approach. They manage to embrace tradition and embrace its essence without forcing it. Regarding the styling aspect, the pieces chosen beautifully capture the rationalist style that is so characteristic of twentieth-century Milan, in fact Italy.

How did you find the experience of working with Salvatori?
The experience with Salvatori was excellent and comprehensive, from design to choosing styling pieces through to the photography of the pieces.

Was the client happy with the final result?
Ludoil Energy are extremely satisfied with the final result and the way the spaces have a liveability that is comparable to a residential context.

Interior design project: De.Tales
Photography: Helenio Barbetta
Forniture: Arper
Surfaces: Salvatori
Décor: Lo Studio Arredi – Salvatori
Artworks: Moiré Gallery


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