Department: Customer Care


Graduated from Pisa University with a degree in languages (English and German) and literature, Chiara is considered by many colleagues and clients the lynchpin of the customer care team and is a great one-stop shop for any questions about the order process, product characteristics, admin-related matters, logistics, you name it!

In her words “I follow a customer’s order from the very beginning to the very end, so I see the big picture, rather than isolated steps. I can talk technical language, account language, logistics – I’ve become pretty multi-faceted over the years”.

The knowledge and experience Chiara has accumulated over the years means she can guide each client’s journey, managing expectations, responding to their questions quickly and often being able to suggest alternative solutions.

This all calls for personal attributes such as doggedness and an ability to focus on what needs to be done without being distracted, which luckily Chiara has in spades. She describes herself as someone who is happy to work behind the scenes, making sure that her colleagues and clients know that if they ask her to do something, it’s as good as done.


What do you like about your work and Salvatori?

I enjoy interacting with my colleagues, which is lucky because I am in constant contact with them, from the guys in the technical office, the Production teams, accounts and logistics.

I also love seeing the entire process of product development, even if I’m not directly involved at the beginning. It’s very rewarding to see the birth of an idea and then watch it become a reality and be presented to the public, then see the orders arriving for it. At Salvatori we create something that wasn’t there before.

It’s also exciting to be in a company which never stands still and is growing. And, it’s a young, dynamic environment which makes it fun and interesting.

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