Department: Marketing


Thomas joined Salvatori charged with the task of looking after our social media, something he’d demonstrated success in with his own social accounts, taking his painting hobby to a point at which he considered pursuing it full time. However, his love of architecture and design won out, and he embraced the opportunity of working in that sector, even though social media provided an indirect connection.

His role widened to take in not only other digital marketing aspects, but also to working on visual identity and trade marketing. He developed skills in programmes such as Sketch Up which led to him becoming a key liaison point with clients, helping them develop Salvatori premium display concepts for their showrooms throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

His ability to learn and embrace new technologies and media, together with innate curiosity and a willingness to constantly learn and upskill himself have been key to Thomas’s role evolving to the point where he now has ownership of the digital strategy. He can also claim the credit for helping thousands of new followers all over the world discover our products and design style every week through our daily social media posts.

Thomas | Second Row

What do you like about your work and Salvatori?

I’m always learning. I would never have thought when I started that I would now be so involved in so many aspects of the business. And, it’s fantastic to be working in the world of design. It’s unusual in this area where there are plenty of companies who work in natural stone, but mainly they tend to work with it in its roughest form. Here, we create luxurious designer products with a beautiful aesthetic, and I find this incredibly stimulating.

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