Welcome to our new Manhattan address



With just a handful of weeks until our first-ever New York flagship store opens, we wanted to share a peek at its layout!

The design behind our Manhattan showroom

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the heart of SoHo, New York, soaking up the buzz and mingling with the eclectic crowd that flock to this vibrant neighbourhood night and day. Take its streets in your stride and browse the windows of original independent boutiques and prestigious brands such as Tiffany and Chanel until you reach 102 Wooster Street.

Its distinctive façade in a shade that hovers somewhere between beige and orange is decorated with the metal fire escapes that are such an iconic feature of the area.

Its five storeys are linked by an external elevator that also takes you down to the basement floor, but it’s at street level where you will stop and peer into the two vast windows that beckon you into the world of Salvatori.

We invite you to continue our virtual tour of this beautiful space with its interior design by Yabu Pushelberg.


Colour-coded rooms

Each display room is totally unique and features a different stone, brought to life in fascinating ways through textures and furnishings that are linked by a single colour. The effect is that of a series of miniature worlds that are independent yet share a common thread, evoking the idea of courtyards scattered along a street, a layout that is redolent of many of Italy’s most gracious cities.

The idea stems from the creative flair of Yabu Pushelberg who explain “With Salvatori, we have a reciprocal trust, respect and desire to experiment, and this ensures every collaboration feels fresh and new. Yabu Pushelberg is honoured to have designed the first American outpost of Salvatori and welcome it to New York. As the first Salvatori store outside Europe, we felt it was important to highlight both the extraordinary technical prowess of the brand and its relaxed, elegant identity.”


A crossroads between Europe and America

When an Italian brand comes to the States, the question is always how to create a cohesive meeting point between two worlds that can appear very different from one another. For Yabu Pushelberg, the solution lay in creating a dialogue between typical local and Italian elements by developing a structure based on archetypal New York interiors, which are linked in a manner that echoes European urban layouts.

And so, as you stroll through the display, you don’t follow a linear route, but rather a series of elegant, themed settings in a backdrop that is decidedly industrial, with exposed bricks, pillars and equipment contributing to the originality and style. By contrast, the flooring alternates wooden parquet and the micro-cement surface that is so widely found in New York buildings.


An immersive Salvatori “Total Look”

The showroom extends over two floors. Once you have explored the themed areas of the ground floor, you take the steps just inside the main entrance and make your way down to the basement where you find yourself in a typical Salvatori-style open plan space.

The first things that are sure to catch your eye are the bespoke Colonnata bookcase that lines an entire wall and the vast Taula table that dominates the living zone.

The kitchen showcases the gleaming white tones of Bianco Carrara in a combination of honed and Cotone finishes, offset to perfection by the dark chocolatey tones of Pietra d’Avola Stone Parquet on the floor.

You will also find a bathroom that is a small homage to the bathrooms we provided for the prestigious 130 William skyscraper, featuring Grigio Versilia marble in Bamboo and Romboo, together with a basin from the Adda collection.

It’s fair to say that we are extremely proud of our new Stars and Stripes showroom at 102 Wooster Street, New York, and cannot wait to welcome visitors to it in person, when we open its doors officially on 23 February 2023.

art: Eloise Morandi Nash

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