Original decoration ideas for a designer-style Christmas 2021



Christmas is about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Discover our tips for decorating your home with Made in Italy originality and style

Essential tips for creating festive decor with Made in Italy style this Christmas

As Christmas 2021 looms ever closer, among the long list of things to think about are decorations as we deck out our homes with lights and colours and prepare to welcome friends and relatives to celebrate the festive season.

This is the time of year when we can let our imagination and creativity run wild, from elaborate table settings to glorious flower arrangements in marble vases, from stylish platters for serving tempting nibbles to adding flourishes of design around our homes.

We all have our own secrets and traditions when it comes to Christmas decoration themes, and we decided to share our approach, with some tips on how to decorate your house with accessories and compositions in Salvatori style.

From designer Christmas decorations to delectable home fragrances, here is how you can impress your guests with the originality, soul and elegance that only natural stone can offer.


Create a mini Christmas-themed corner

A designer Christmas décor theme is all about striking the perfect balance between understated elegance and warmth and conviviality. A simple stone platter, for example, could be given a festive touch courtesy of the eclectic forms of seasonal fruit, or a sprig of mistletoe could dangle from a designer hook.

Our idea of home décor, whatever the time of year, is based on a holistic approach that involves all the senses, and this is just as relevant at Christmastime. The trick is to create mini compositions or sets that bring multsensorial delight to your guests.

This could be as simple as setting up a Yuletide nibbles corner in the living room, laying out a tempting selection of dried fruit, nuts and other seasonal goodies on a selection of surfaces, such as our Pietra L02 side tables designed by Piero Lissoni. Display them in a mix of elegant containers or on designer platters such as the Pietra L18 trays, available in different colours, shapes and sizes, and create an eye-catching and mouthwatering visual symphony.

Then, simply add a couple of decorations such as a miniature Christmas tree, a star and a handful of red serviettes and voilà, you have a seasonally-themed tableau without compromising on your sense of design.


Designer Christmas accessories

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas falls on one of the shortest days of the year so candles are an intrinsic element at this time of year. Flickering flames dotted around the house and atop the table are a sure-fire way to create an inviting, festive atmosphere. With its elegant shape that recalls traditional oil lamps, our Bugia candle holder in Bianco Carrara marble is a contemporary piece of design that fits the bill perfectly.

This is just one of many possible designer Christmas decorations. Original, understated and stylish accessories created specifically for this time of the year are always interesting, but so too are pieces designed for other purposes. All you need to do is consider them in a new light.

One such example is The Village collection, a multi-faceted interpretation of the concept of home. Consisting of a series of miniature houses focusing on various key aspects of our daily lives, they could be said to represent a type of modern Nativity scene, bringing together the diverse ideas and backgrounds of the artists from around the world who designed them. Rodolfo Dordoni, Kengo Kuma, Elisa Ossino, John Pawson and other renowned names express their own idea of the essence of home, with each piece embodying the warmth and peace associated with Christmas.

This is where decorative objects go beyond the material aspect and assume a deeper, more symbolic meaning. The bottom line is that since time immemorial, our homes have represented a haven and refuge, but also the place we welcome others no matter where in the world we are from.


Christmas floral delights

Flowers are another must at this time of the year and depending on where in the world we are, we will have our own particular traditions and favourites, although holly and berries are almost universally associated with Christmas.

In the same way that natural stone is already glorious, flowers also have little need of over-elaboration. To gift them a festive lift, simply place them in a gorgeous designer vase such as the Pietra L13, an unconventional pairing of handblown fluted glass of the highest quality and beautiful natural stone.

Also packing an aesthetic punch that goes beyond their diminutive size are our Mono series of vases in a choice of three different types of marble, each with its own distinctive colouring. A single stem of holly, or whichever festive flower is in season in your part of the world, brings instant Christmas charm to a home.

A touch of flora in a Salvatori vase is perhaps one of the simplest ways to create a sense of festive atmosphere with style and elegance.


Christmas baubles

Continuing with the theme of greenery, nothing marks the arrival of Christmas like the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree. As you dress the branches with fairy lights, your favourite decorations and perhaps the age-old favourite balls, remember, however, that less is more. All you need are just a few carefully-chosen decorations to create an elegant but festive effect. Simplicity is the key word, which you can achieve with combinations such as white silk ribbon, vibrant red balls and a string of delicate fairy lights.

The classic round form of traditional Christmas tree decorations can be replicated in the rest of the house and here, our Gravity Zodiac collection could almost have been designed for the occasion. Why not think about creating a dialogue between these perfect spheres of natural stone in vibrant colours and the tree, with the magical powers of the planets and the magical spirit of Christmas combining in a unique decorative theme?

We would also suggest another iteration of Christmas balls with a Urano lamp designed by Elisa Ossino. Carved from a single block of luminous white Bianco Carrara, its etheral glow creates an intimate, tranquil atmosphere as you sit back and admire your impeccably decorated home.


Designer scent diffusers for Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year where our sense of smell also conjures up memories and emotions, with aromas such as cinnamon, ginger, oranges and pine just some of the evocative aromas that waft tantalisingly through the air.

This is the occasion to place designer scent diffusers strategically around our homes. Our natural stone pieces are the ideal receptacles for containing scented reeds of your favourite Christmas fragrance, and Bianco Carrara and Crema d’Orcia work perfectly in terms of colour with the festive theme.

If you love the idea of room fragrances but prefer a more sophisticated scent than the traditional aromas of Christmas, why not choose one of our elegant, refined solutions which interpret our most popular natural stones. You can place the reeds and fragrance in your own favourite diffuser, but for a special touch, we suggest a complete sensorial experience by matching them with the stone they represent.

To optimise their wonderful aromas and ensure the scent circulates in a uniform fashion throughout a space, position the diffuser at a height of around 1.7 metres.

During the festive season, create a stylish welcoming environment to welcome your friends and family by taking an original approach to your decorations. If you would like more ideas to help you decide upon a Salvatori-style Christmas theme, or want to find that perfect gift, get in touch and we will be delighted to assist.

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