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Finding a designer sideboard, bookcase or cabinet for your living has never been easier, with our elegant and stylish Made in Italy solutions in natural stone

Designer living room storage solutions

Among the many decisions to be made when you are decorating your living room is the question of storage. How do you choose the right combination of shelving, drawers, cupboards or cabinets to create practical solutions that don’t jar with your décor?

It’s that age-old dilemma of how to marry function and form and you may also be having to deal with structural aspects such as skewed walls, a tricky floorplan or low ceilings that limit your options.

We believe there is always a solution, however, which allows you to enjoy plenty of storage without sacrificing aesthetics. With that said, let’s take a look at how to find the perfect practical and stylish pieces such as tall and low bookcases, modular drawers and shelving, cabinets and sideboards.


Tall designer bookcases

A tall bookcase is perhaps one of the most classic items of living room furniture but can often be somewhat anonymous. If, instead, you choose a striking design and quality material, it can become a stylish element that adds personality to the space.

Bookcases represent who we are, offering a summary of our history, lifestyle and tastes through the photos, books and mementos displayed. It becomes a setting for our most beloved objects, those that we want to see daily and to share with visitors.

As one of the most personal elements in a home, it inevitably draws the eye which makes it even more important that it is stylish and elegant. Choosing any old shelving unit not only risks creating an impersonal atmosphere, but can also diminish the importance of the items it holds. On the other hand, a tall designer wall-mounted bookcase can transform the living area into a corner in which emotions, memories and style find their perfect balance.

If you want to divide a large open space area into different zones without sacrificing light, a freestanding bookcase can be the ideal solution as it can create a more intimate feeling and interesting layout.

The key aspect, however, that will determine the final impact a shelving unit makes on the entire environment, is the material it is made of and here, it is hard to beat an artful combination of two natural products such as oak and stone. Add to this the creative genius of one of today’s most celebrated designers and the skill of Tuscan engineers and artisans and we have a bookcase that becomes both an eye-catching piece of furniture in its own right and a stunning backdrop to show off our favourite possessions. We are talking about Piero Lissoni’s Colonnata, a visual symphony of colour featuring marbles such as Verde Alpi, Rosso Francia, Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquinia, and also available in more classic combinations featuring just white or black.


Low designer sideboards and entertainment consoles

A low sideboard or cabinet has become increasingly popular in modern interior design, offering plenty of space to display objects along its top. It comes in a variety of formats and may include open spaces, cupboards and drawers. In recent years it has become a favoured solution for housing entertainment equipment, with perhaps a handful of ornaments or photos softening the effect of a TV screen, stereo system or gaming monitor.

Here too, design makes a real difference, with elegant textures, innovative workmanship and clean, precise lines featuring in contemporary sideboards.

Besides its role as an item of furniture, a low sideboard or console can also help with the distribution of spaces in large rooms, creating separate zones without effecting the flow of light.

It is also an ideal solution for rooms with lower ceilings, such as lofts, mezzanines or niches, offering stylish storage without dominating.

Another function it can serve is to act as a focal point along a wall or fill a space that would otherwise perhaps be empty or bland.


Modular storage options for the living room

Modular storage units are always a popular solution, meeting a wide range of needs but obviously particularly useful when you don’t wish to commission a bespoke piece of furniture, but want to personalise a product so that it fits the space and meets your range of usage requirements.

Unsurprisingly, their versatility makes them a winning choice, as you can decide whether you want to have open spaces where you can display books, ornaments, candles and so on, or hide practical but less aesthetically appealing objects such as cords, chargers, away behind doors.

Whilst you can find modular solutions across many storage items, from tall and slim to low and wide, in this section we are focusing on the latter. Their concentration of spaces lends them to special types of finishing effects that inject personality into the living room. Sideboards and cabinets, even more so than open storage solutions such as shelves, can become elements of design through their timeless style and interplay of volumes.

Modular components allow you to develop special décor solutions for every type of situation or usage, choosing the length, height, material and finish you want to create stylish compositions. And, when you opt for beautiful natural materials such as stone or wood, you can be sure that they will blend harmoniously into any contemporary living room look.


Made in Italy sideboards

In many ways, sideboards are a throwback to the past, but clever, imaginative designers know how to reinterpret them in a modern key to ensure they are practical, stylish and relevant to today’s décor demands and trends. Once upon a time, the place where you perhaps kneaded dough or stored your cooking ingredients, dressers and sideboards have become an elegant home for crockery, platters and serving dishes.

Contemporary flair transforms the classic dresser into a designer piece of furniture such as the Pliss sideboard by Elisa Ossino. A beautifully simple rectangle on slender legs, with deep drawers clad in a choice of exclusive Salvatori textures in natural stone that interplay with the light, it is an almost sculptural-like object that is far from the traditional idea of bland, functional storage.


Designer display cabinets for the living room

Another example of storage solutions inspired by the past is the classic display cabinet with its glass frontage and sides, encasing its contents in a way that keeps the dust away but ensures they are always on show.

Originally conceived as a kitchen element, over time it became more commonly used in the living room and subsequently took on a more elegant appearance.

The Theca display cabinet, designed by Elisa Ossino, is the perfect example, but she has taken it to another level, with an understated, elegant design that makes it ideal for any space. With three sides and all the shelves in sturdy glass, it maintains a sense of lightness, however the rear panel comes in a choice of natural stone in a classic honed finish, Plissé, Raw, Cotone or Stone Tatami. The result is a tall, slender profile with a background that adds interest and depth and is the perfect setting for ornaments, mementos and bound books.

You can add a further theatrical flourish by choosing the option with LED backlighting.

We have been working with natural stone for over seven decades and understand how to bring out its incredible beauty in surprising ways. Drawing on our experience, craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques, we transform it from a cold, unyielding material into a pliable substance that gives form to innovative and stylish items of furniture such as bookcases, cabinets, sideboards, tables, lights, mirrors and seating. Inspired by the past, we add a contemporary twist, brought to life with Made in Italy flair and passion.

Our team are always available to help you choose the perfect piece from our home collection, or answer any questions.

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