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If you are thinking about a modern dining table to add Made in Italy design flair to your home, discover what you need to know to make a perfect choice

How to choose the perfect Made in Italy dining table

Dining tables can be simply be a basic functional modern or traditional piece of furniture or they can become a designer décor element, particularly if you choose natural marble or another variant of natural stone.
Any dining table should respect the style of the space around it, set define the atmosphere and add a touch of originality that provides a talking point for guests. If you have your heart set on a special piece that represents quality and craftsmanship, a Made in Italy designer table is hard to go past, as you know that your product will be an exceptional object that symbolises a long artisan tradition, expressed through refined simplicity.
Finding the perfect dining table among the many options of marble and other types of natural stone is never easy as you also need to decide upon size and shape. Round, square, oval or rectangular? To help you understand how to choose a contemporary Italian dining table, simply read our series of simple guidelines.


The ideal dining table: Made in Italy quality and design

A large group of friends and family sitting around a dining table in a convivial atmosphere is perhaps one of the most evocative images associated with the Italian culture, encapsulating the age-old traditions of warmth, family and, of course, food that Italy has long been known for.
Given it is such a defining element of our home, it should not only be functional but also represent an element of design, and what better solution than a Made in Italy table?
Aesthetics play an essential role in choosing your dining table because this is the item of furniture that takes on a commanding position in any space. It should have its own distinct character, but at the same time, should work with the style of space it is positioned in, whether that is a separate dining room or an open-plan area.
The Proiezioni table by Elisa Ossino is the perfect example. Its synergy of form and contrasting colours of marble in the form of white Bianco Carrara and black Nero Marquinia creates eye-catching interplays of shadow and geometric shapes, bringing out the natural sheen of the stone.
When it comes to choosing the dimensions of your dining room table, you obviously need to ensure that it is large enough to comfortably accommodate all the diners you would generally expect to sit around it. This means thinking about potential guest numbers, rather than the immediate household.
Another key consideration is the space it is located. In a small room, the ideal solution is an extendable model, while if you have a large area, you can choose to make a statement with an oversize table.
The other important element to think about is the Made in Italy factor, combining quality, tradition and an indefinable design touch that ups the style credentials of any interior décor. Our dining tables in marble and other gorgeous types of natural stone strike a carefully-judged balance between functionality and aesthetics. The creativity and flair of internationally-renowned designers combine with the skill of our Italian artisans to deliver a range of original and stylish items of furniture
Let’s now take a look at how to decide on your perfect dining table.


Contemporary Italian dining tables in natural stone

Designer Italian tables in natural stone represent the place where thousands of years of history made up of domestic dramas, gatherings and events, combine with an aesthetic that is becoming increasingly sought after.
Contemporary stone tables see tradition transformed into designer elegance, making them a statement of understated luxury and sophistication. On the practical side, there are numerous advantages. Natural stone is extremely long lasting, meaning it can become a daily element of your daily life for decades, handed down to generations as a precious family heirloom, full of memories. It is also exceedingly tough and hardwearing, although we always suggest placing hot pans on a trivet or tablecloth rather than directly on the surface.
A perfect example of how tradition can blend with contemporary design can be found in Taula, a series of tables designed by Patricia Urquiola who was inspired by the ancient monoliths found on the Mediterranean islands of Menorca and Majorca. The soft curves of the natural stone are designed to create an unexpected sensation of lightness, with an optical illusion whereby the top appears to almost float above its structure, an effect realised through a combination of precision engineering and artisanal skill.


Italian designer tables in a combination of materials

An innovative fusion of materials can lead to stunning pieces of designer furniture, transforming dining tables into functional but striking objects of luxury.
Finding that perfect harmony is not a task to be undertaken lightly, and requires the skilled eye of a designer who knows who to bring out the inherent characteristics of each material, be it natural stone, metal or wood. When executed well, the result elevates the qualities of each, transmitting a sense of strength and stability and creating a versatile look that lends itself to contemporary, retro, industrial and minimalist décor styles.
The subject of minimalism leads us neatly to the Span dining table, designed by John Pawson who brings his trademark understated style and attention to detail to its design. Flawlessly combining cool white Bianco Carrara marble and the warm honeyed tones of cherry wood, it is a perfect harmony of horizontal and vertical elements. Its deceptively simple lines and lightweight appearance make it the perfect solution for modern, airy kitchens and living rooms.
Alongside materials, another key aspect to take into account when you are looking for your perfect dining table is its shape, and we look at this topic now.


When to choose a rectangular dining table

One of the key choices to make is the shape of a dining table. A rectangular version, for example, tends to be the most common, and perhaps most classical, option and is ideal for traditional environments. Its timeless shape takes on personality through innovative and original design, lending elegance and conviviality to the dining area.
The universal advantage of any rectangular dining table is that it can comfortably seat a greater number of diners. Then, if the top is in beautiful natural stone, you want to showcase this, so all you need is a runner or the simplest of decorations to create a chic and stylish table setting.
The clean, sharp lines of a rectangular table make for versatile positioning. In large rooms, it can be placed in the centre of the room, but if space is an issue, it can be moved closer to one wall without disturbing the aesthetics and balance of the décor.
In particularly small rooms, especially in a household of four or fewer people, a square table may prove a useful solution, offering the same versatility as a rectangular form, but taking up less space.
In summary, the final choice of your dining table depends on personal choice, the furnishing style of the room and last, but not least, how you plan to use your table, thinking about the number of dinner parties or lunches you are likely to have, and how many guests you will typically welcome around it.


When to choose a round dining table

Of all the varieties of table available, when it comes to conviviality, nothing beats a circular form, as King Arthur was one of the first to highlight when he chose this form because all guests are distributed evenly around it. No unlucky diner finds themselves stuck at the end, or with nobody beside them, making it the ideal shape for fostering intimacy and a relaxed atmosphere.
The absence of sharp edges and corners also makes it easier to add a seat here and there as needed, and from an aesthetic point of view, the round shape makes the entire space seem softer and more welcoming. This is an aspect that our designers have tapped into, creating elegant round tables in marble and limestone, with collections such as Proiezioni and Dritto representing a bold reinterpretation of Made in Italy traditions.
The positioning of a round dining table can pose somewhat of a dilemma, however, because it cannot be placed close to a wall. The optimal solution is towards the centre of the room, allowing plenty of space all around it and ensuring it remains a stylish focal point.

Italian designer dining tables in natural stone never fail to create a wow effect, creating a focal point that is as functional as it is stylish.
We have worked alongside internationally-acclaimed designers to develop table collections that combine function and form, sometimes with stone as the solo star, sometimes combining it with materials such as wood and metal, and all 100% Made in Italy.
If you are looking for that special piece that will become the centre of unforgettable occasions with friends and family throughout the years to come, we invite you to browse our selection of original and stylish designer dining tables.

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