Introducing the new-look Salvatori website


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We are delighted to present our new website, designed to offer an even easier, more inspirational user experience than ever

We are delighted to unveil our new-look website

After many months of fervent activity behind the scenes, we can finally present our new website. The result of extensive research, testing and innovation, it is designed to provide a customised experience for users and to make it easier than ever for private clients and industry professionals alike to find products, information and inspiration. 
The new site is faster and easier to navigate and among the many changes, you may notice that we have reorganised our menu, fine-tuned the product pages and created two new sections called Samples and Magazine. 
We thought it might be useful to guide you through the various changes and explain why we believe they make for an enhanced visitor experience.


A more intuitive menu

Perhaps the most visible change relates to the menu. We studied how visitors browsed our previous site and analysed the various requests we receive to understand how we could make the most commonly-searched information more easily accessible. 
Along the top menu bar, you will immediately see our three “worlds” of Walls & Floors, Bathroom and Home. Clicking on any of these allows you to understand the different categories within each and choose the one aligned with your area of interest. If you are looking for inspiration for a particular environment, you can also decide to browse by room, with a choice of living room, kitchen, bathroom, study and outdoors.  
Moving further along the top menu bar, you find Shop the Look which includes subcategories of bathroom design and Salvatori Total Look, making it a breeze to recreate the understated, harmonious aesthetic of a range of environments developed by our expert designers.


More comprehensive product pages

The product pages have a new and more compact, modern look to them, but the real news here is the customisation function which allows you to quickly select different aspects such as dimensions, stone and texture and receive an instant visual preview of how it looks. With just a few clicks you can see the final effect and check its cost, including shipping. 
At the bottom of each product page you can compare a product or find related items, and scrolling further down, you will find a selection of interior design projects that show how a product looks in a real setting.

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Design news and a rich array of content in our magazine section

Over the years we have amassed a wealth of material covering a range of topics from news about our products and the stories behind them, including interviews with the incredible designers from around the world we work with, to articles on how to look after natural stone or choose a particular solution. 
We have brought all these stories together in a form of digital magazine, making it easy to browse the page and click on topics that answers a specific question or sparks your interest. We have transferred all existing content, including all the latest Salvatori news and we will continue to provide stimulating and useful new articles every week.

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You will be able to order a sample directly online

We provide as many images as possible to inspire and help create an understanding of our products but we know that nothing compares with being able to touch and see a real sample. With that in mind, we have created a Sample section so that you can order directly online and experience the magic of a texture or stone at first hand.
This is destined to be a popular section with both private and professional clients and we are currently fine-tuning the content, but it will be available in the coming weeks.

So, that’s a quick guide to some of the new elements and functions you will find on our brand-new website. We invite you to spend some getting to know it, and discovering all the inspirational new images we have added. As always, if you have any questions about our products or services, we will be delighted to hear from you. If you’re not sure where to start, here is the link to our home page. Happy browsing!

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