Create a stylish Christmas table setting with stone accessories



Add a little extra magic and touch of elegance to your Christmas table setting with gorgeous natural stone accessories by Salvatori

Accessories for an elegant Christmas tablescape

Looking for ideas for your Christmas lunch or dinner table setting? Festive tablescaping is the chance to let your creativity run wild and put your interior decorating skills to the test, knowing that it will be part of a special day filled with conviviality, goodwill and memories in the making.

The Christmas table decorating theme for 2023 is all about mixing and matching, giving you free rein to combine materials, shapes, colours and textures. Accessories are key to this and Salvatori’s natural stone pieces the perfect way to add understated sophistication and Italian design flair to your table setting.


A beautiful but balanced table setting

Natural stone is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to contemporary tablescaping because of the seamless way it complements crockery, cutlery and glassware. Festive occasions call for something extra special and stone accessories hit all the right notes.

To strike the right balance of celebration, elegance and practicality, however, it’s back to the “less is more” approach. Visualise not only what the table will look like when guests arrive, but also the effect once platters of food, wine and water bottles and other serving dishes have to jostle for space. That’s why every item on the table should be chosen with a view to how it contributes to the overall effect, from trays and wine coolers to candle holders and even coasters.


It all starts with the table centrepiece

The starting point of a Christmas tablescape is the centrepiece, but creating a wow effect doesn’t have to mean something large and showy. It can be as simple as a beautiful vase, an ornament or even a cake stand laden with tempting seasonal goodies. With its three tiers of natural stone, the Pietra L12 cake stand by Piero Lissoni is a stylish and versatile showcase for nibbles, dried fruit, nuts and chocolates. On a practical note, those three layers are also useful in terms of saving valuable table “real estate”.

Other eye-catching pieces that are perfect for the table include the Pietra L15 single-tier cake stand and Pietra L16 __platter with its iconic boat shape__. Made from a single piece of Bianco Carrara marble, this original piece can be displayed as a miniature sculpture or fruit bowl throughout the year and given pride of place as a table centrepiece on special occasions.


White marble ice coolers and coasters for the perfect touch of elegance

No detail should be overlooked when it comes to setting a stunning Christmas table, and the Ellipse collection of homeware by John Pawson is full of minimalist but stunning accessories in cool white Carrara marble, starting with the set of coasters. These small but perfectly formed discs combine with the wine cooler from the same collection to add austere elegance to the table setting.

White marble works beautifully with the Christmas theme and the Ellipse family also includes fruit bowls, versatile containers and pieces such as an adorable salt and pepper set. Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without candles, so why not place two or three Ellipse tealight holders on the table and enjoy the flickering flames as you eat, pull Christmas crackers and share stories.


Stone platters and containers for the Christmas table

The Ellipse platter, with its gleaming white marble, is a miniature stage that brings an element of theatre to the Christmas table. Whatever you choose to display on it, from a roast chicken to cheese to a mouthwatering cake (as an Italian brand, we’d suggest pandoro or panettone of course!), is transformed into a showstopping work of art.

Of course, Christmas is all about colour, so why not add a splash of seasonal forest green or vibrant red with a Pietra L01 or Pietra L03 tray? Both are also available in a mesmerising midnight black Nero Marquinia marble, for a dramatic contrast to white crockery or a snowy white tablecloth, for example.

A fun idea is to add an element of surprise for your guests with a series of Pietra L09 containers, hiding nibbles such as pistachios or sweets beneath the lid in polished walnut wood. If you’re really feeling creative, you could even place a message or small gift in them, adding a truly personal touch that your guests will definitely appreciate.

Make Christmas 2023 lunch or dinner truly special by delighting your guests with an original and showstopping table setting. Experience the joy of welcoming your nearest and dearest around a table that not only wows for its aesthetic impact but also demonstrates the thought and care you put in to creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. For more inspiring ideas, browse our Home Collection where you’ll find hundreds of Made in Italy accessories to create a truly memorable Christmas tablescape.

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