5 ideas for a modern kitchen splashback



A stylish backsplash is the perfect way to freshen up your kitchen. We share the latest 2023 backsplash trends and tips

How to choose the perfect backsplash for a sophisticated and original look

Designing a new kitchen or simply giving an existing one a makeover is the perfect way to freshen up this focal room or create a look that reflects your personality. But, with decisions ranging from large items of furniture and appliances to the smaller details such as cupboard handles, there are a number of decisions to be made.
The good news is, however, that it’s not as stressful as it might sound because you can simply focus on one or two key aspects that make an instant impact without needing to reinvent the wheel.

One such winning solution to shake up the look of your kitchen is a backsplash or, as it is also often called, a splashback. This is a sure-fire, quick way to take the overall aesthetic of the entire kitchen up a considerable notch, creating a totally different atmosphere based on your favourite style.

When it comes to the actual design, there is no shortage of choice, but to narrow things down, we’ve put together our ideas and tips to help you choose the right texture, material and patterns that are bang on trend in 2023 and will definitely ensure you find yourself in your dream kitchen.


5 kitchen backsplash trends for 2023

When you decide to transform a key space such as the kitchen, make sure that the examples of backsplashes you look at for inspiration are in line with your particular taste, because there is nothing to beat your own style.
Tiled backsplashes are definitely on trend in 2023 as they not only serve a practical purpose but act as a decorative feature that can help create a more stylish, welcoming atmosphere by allowing you to add one-off details or patterns and interesting colours and textures.

In 2023, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. From choosing materials such as marble or natural stone to bold, striking patterns, here are five backsplash ideas designed to inspire you.

An important thing to consider is combining different materials such as wood, stone and metal if you want to create an eclectic, distinctive look. This is an ideal style if you want to let your creative flair run wild, because the combination will always result in a dynamic, eye-catching feature that is certain to deliver the Wow Factor.


Another approach, if you want to inject personality into the kitchen, is to go for bold patterns, such as something geometric or a decisive texture that delivers an edgy and innovative look.
In terms of hitting the right note of classic but original, it’s hard to go past textured tiles. With their uneven surface, which could be rippled, grooved, sharp or rounded, they add depth and stimulate curiosity. They also lend a sense of movement to a space and are ideal for creating a more premium feel without being contrived or ostentatious.

Another kitchen backsplash trend, and one which of course we can’t neglect to mention, is natural stone. When it comes to delivering timeless, understated luxury, it is unrivalled. Whether in marble, limestone or other forms, natural stone is hardwearing and absolutely stunning. This wonderful natural material brings warmth and elegance to any space and, because of its versatility, can also be used in other rooms of the house, meaning you end up with a sense of continuity throughout.

The fifth idea, again absolutely on trend for 2023, is to opt for a single colour backsplash. It not only creates a clean, minimalist aesthetic, but can also act as either an accent or a background that highlights other elements in the kitchen. A mono-colour background contributes to the overall coherence and sense of harmony.


Let your kitchen splashback reflect your personality

Textured backsplashes could almost be considered the silver bullet of kitchen makeovers. This one simple element can transform your kitchen into an exclusive designer work of art. It’s a little like being in a high-end restaurant as you prepare your favourite dish and can enjoy a décor that is totally “you”.
Surrounded by gorgeous textured tiles that add depth and style with patterns ranging from understated to bold and striking, there is no doubt who is the king or queen of the kitchen and, by extension, the home! This is the perfect way to showcase your personal taste and personality, after all.

If you prefer a minimalist, linear look, there are numerous ways you can play with texture on your backsplash by working with light, colour and materials.
For example, using tiles in natural stone, you can achieve an authentic, elegant effect, and if you choose a dark stone, the result will be a contemporary, minimalist look.

And, if you opt for a geometric pattern with an artistic, original motif, you will find yourself in an eclectic, modern kitchen that will definitely draw attention.
Any of these options will ensure that you enjoy a multisensorial experience every time you find yourself in your kitchen, stimulating both your visual and tactile senses.


The beauty of a natural stone splashback

When it comes to designing high-end kitchens and bathrooms, marble is the ultimate in understated luxury.
It is little wonder that it has been used for centuries in architecture, art and design, but its timeless beauty means it is still a sought-after material in today’s homes, hotels and many other types of buildings.
Besides its undisputed aesthetic appeal and elegance, what makes it such a special material is its versatility, longevity and hardwearing properties.
The natural veining and unique patterns contained in every piece create an exclusive effect that never fails to turn heads.
Marble, like other natural stones such as limestone, is not only beautiful to behold but is also easy to look after because it is tough enough to withstand scratches and heat, making it ideal for use in kitchen splashbacks.


At Salvatori, we may be biased, but we believe that natural materials such as stone are key to creating a high-end, sophisticated décor.
Among our many innovative finishes is our Raw texture. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it interprets the rough-hewn look of wood through the medium of stone, for a rugged, surprising effect that interplays with light and shadow and brings depth and drama to a kitchen backsplash.

Another option is classic honed Bianco Carrara, particularly popular with minimalists who appreciate the traditional yet refined gleaming white beauty of the world’s most famous marble.
Then there is Gris du Marais®, an unusual greyish-brown marble with a gorgeous dappled pattern and fine white lines. Its low absorption rate and intriguing copper-coloured veins make it an elegant and practical choice for a kitchen backsplash, adding depth, warmth and character to the area behind the stove and sink.

One other interesting choice to consider is Lithoverde®, the world’s first recycled stone texture. Exclusive to Salvatori, it is 99% made up of offcuts of unwanted but beautiful stone, with the remaining 1% a natural resin that acts as a binding agent. Not only is it eco-friendly, but every block has its own completely unique bricklike pattern. Available in four different colours, it is the perfect material for a kitchen backsplash if you love design and care about the environment.

So, to sum up, a backsplash is not only a practical element but is also the ideal way to create a striking, contemporary kitchen. With an incredible range of materials, patterns and colours, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to being creative and transforming your entire kitchen.

If you are looking for ideas to refresh your kitchen or give it an easy designer makeover, we’d love to help you. Our team of design experts will be happy to offer advice and assistance.

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