The comfort and luxury of an all-in-one bedroom and bathroom



We take a look at the popular trend of a bathtub or shower in the bedroom, perfect for optimising space and adding a touch of luxury

Transform your bedroom with an open concept bathroom

If you are a frequent traveller, you’ll almost certainly have noticed the growing trend towards an open concept bedroom-cum-bathroom, also known as a transitional bathroom or all-in-one bedroom and bathroom. This is a layout that has almost become de rigueur in the hospitality sector, so much so, in fact, that architects and interior designers seem to be challenging themselves when it comes to creating increasingly innovative and elegant solutions.

It would certainly seem that hotels were the starting point for a style that has also taken root in the residential sector, with original, unconventional solutions that add comfort and a sense of luxury to the bedroom and go beyond the more traditional ensuite bathroom.

In this article, we look at the advantages of an integrated bathroom-bedroom and share a handful of ideas to inspire you if you are thinking about going down this route.


The advantages of an open bathroom in bedroom solution

Incorporating bathroom elements into a bedroom can be very evocative, especially if you have long dreamed of having a gorgeous freestanding bathtub just a few steps from the bed. The combination of a hot soak in winter before you jump straight into bed is just as appealing as an evening cleanse after a hot summer day before you slip between the cool sheets.

Then of course, there is the undeniable theatrical effect. A freestanding basin or bathtub creates a stunning focus and, if you choose the right piece, the entire space takes on a sophisticated, ethereal atmosphere that transports you far away from the banality of everyday life. And of course, with the help of a few candles to create mood lighting, what better scene for a romantic evening à deux?

There is one other important benefit of an open bedroom-bathroom concept and that is the practical aspect, particularly in homes built over two or more floors. There are no stairs to mount between bedroom and bathroom and no queues for the bathroom. In short, your bedroom becomes an all-encompassing haven where you have complete privacy from the rest of the household, including guests.


3 important things to consider when designing a bathroom-bedroom open concept

While the advantages of an all-in-one bathroom and bedroom are easy to understand, there are a few fundamental points to consider.

Obviously, the first is that you need to have a large enough space, and this is for two reasons. Firstly, the visual beauty comes from the idea that the bathtub, basin or shower is a focus point, so it needs to naturally draw the eye. The second is a more practical aspect, because a cluttered bathroom-bedroom combination won’t be a joy to use.

Plumbing is also an important consideration, and you will need to make sure you comply with all local regulations. On this note, while wooden parquet is a beautiful solution, it is not always practical in a bathroom, so a solution would be to choose something like our Stone Parquet for the entire bedroom-bathroom combination. If you love the feel of wood underfoot when you get out of bed, however, you could combine it with stone tiles in the bathroom area. As both are natural materials, this would work perfectly, as long as you choose complementary colours and textures.

Last but not least, there is of course to consider the overall aesthetic of the entire space and ensure all elements work together from a style point of view.


Types of open plan bathroom-bedroom solutions

There are a number of different solutions for an integrated bathroom-bedroom.

Open plan bathroom. When it comes to décor drama, this is undoubtably a winner, with a basin, shower or bathtub located in the bedroom itself to create a sense of visual continuity. In this case, the more intimate items of sanitaryware, ie toilet and bidet, should be in a separate closed space.

Open bathroom with no door. This is the closest to the traditional concept of an ensuite bathroom and offers more privacy than a completely open option. The idea here is to add an internal wall, but depending on the layout, you should be able to see a key piece such as the bathtub or basin from the bedroom. On the technical front, you will need to consider aspects such as ventilation and lighting.

Bathroom with glass panel. This solution optimises light and represents a middle ground between the open plan aesthetic and the practical aspects in terms of odour and dampness control offered by a walled space. However, if you are planning on including the toilet and / or bidet, think carefully about the type of glass and choose a smoked or opaque option.


Freestanding bathtubs and showers

If you are taken by the idea of an open bathroom-bedroom concept, and are already imagining a glorious stone bathroom or shower that commands attention, freestanding solutions are a must here.

Without doubt, the star of the show will always be a freestanding bathtub that dominates the space and makes you feel like royalty every time you sink into it. The Anima bathtub in natural stone fits the bill perfectly, with its graceful curves that contradict traditional ideas of stone as an unyielding material. Dramatic yet surprisingly delicate, it instantly evokes visions of romantic, candlelit evenings.

There is not always time for a long hot soak, however, which is where a practical shower comes into its own. A solution such as the Balnea shower tray can be placed in a niche or even away from the wall and screened with an elegant shower curtain or glass panel.

As always, the details make an enormous difference in determining the overall elegance of any space and in the bathroom it is no different. Perhaps the most important detail here is tapware, which can completely elevate the look or, if you choose the wrong type, ruin the aesthetic you had in mind. With its minimalist style and camouflage effect, our Spaghetti tapware collection offers the perfect finishing touch for a designer bathroom.

If you are inspired after reading this to integrate a bathroom into your bedroom, we would love to help you. We offer a complimentary design consultation service, with a team of experts here to help you find the right products and layout to transform your bedroom into your private luxury sanctuary. __Why not get in touch now and start planning your dream bathroom-bedroom! __

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