The 4 key phases of an interior design project



From the first sketch to the final decorative flourish, the Salvatori team is available and happy to provide valuable assistance and advice so that the entire project runs smoothly

Understanding the interior design process and how Salvatori can help bring your vision to life

The interior design process can be long and complicated, involving a number of steps and a meticulous attention to detail.

The starting point is interpreting what the client wants, and sometimes even helping them to understand and articulate this, so empathy and farsightedness is often called for.
Next up is designing the spaces which requires thinking about how to combine aesthetics and functionality, followed by decisions, research and consultation about the materials to be used.
The fourth and final phase is supervising the work in progress, a delicate activity calling for precision, a grasp of all the details of the project and innovative tools.

At Salvatori, we pride ourselves on being a key partner, even ally, by not only providing inspiring ideas and elegant, high-quality products, but also by offering our expertise in working with natural stone.


Interpreting the wishes and style of each client

The interior design process starts with interpreting a client’s style and preferences. At Salvatori we work in close collaboration with architects and designers throughout the entire process, and adopt a customer-oriented approach.

We are committed to delivering a bespoke, quality service, regardless of the sector or type of project. Whether it’s an interior design request from a private client or a vast commercial undertaking, our focus is on ensuring the end client is absolutely delighted with the final result, even if we are working through an intermediary and never get to meet them.

This approach manifests itself through a comprehensive range of consultancy and support services across every phase of the interior design process, from conception to installation, and includes selecting every element with meticulous care.

We also relish being asked to come up with specific solutions, whether they are design-oriented or related to a technical or engineering aspect. Among the myriad of complex and ambitious projects where our expertise was fundamental to the outcome are 130 William Street and Zurich Polytechnic, or ETH.

Our capacity to listen to our clients, understand what they’re looking for and deliver solutions they love is reflected in the way we welcome visitors to our flagship showrooms in Milan, London and New York. When you walk through our door, you are entering what we like to think of as the Salvatori Experience, in which our team will look after you and help you consider every detail of your design project, large or small.


Designing contemporary, functional spaces

The second phase of the interior design process is the design itself. This entails two particular skillsets:

  • Creative vision and flair
  • Extensive knowledge of the materials involved

With over seven decades in the natural stone sector and an innate understanding of design trends and principles, we think it’s fair to say we tick both boxes.

One of the key tools at this point is to create renderings of the design to present to the client so that they can visualise the final effect. This requires time and meticulous attention to detail.

To simplify the procedure, we have developed a free, comprehensive library of SketchUp, Revit and AutoCAD files for every single product in the Salvatori portfolio, which significantly eases the workload for architects and designers and saves them a considerable amount of time.


Technical support and assistance selecting materials

With experience passed on through three generations, Salvatori has set the benchmark in working with natural stone.

Adding value to such a precious – and somewhat challenging to work with – material requires a certain level of skill and know-how. This is where our master artisans come into their own, as they understand how to assess the quality and any potential flaws of a block, a slab or a tile simply by observing it and subjecting it to certain tests.

This type of expertise isn’t acquired overnight, but comes from years of working day in, day out with stone and recognising its characteristics. They are also able to suggest a particular type of stone that may be more suitable for a certain project, and advise on how it should be best utilised.

Our free consultation service includes finding the ideal stone and helping resolve any design challenges. In fact, we are known for our out-of-the-box thinking and determination to always find a way around a potential problem in bringing an architect’s vision to life.


As part of this service, we also advise on the best combinations of textures and types of stone to create the desired aesthetic, and which materials are most suitable for the context in question, for example for use in bathrooms or kitchens, or where they will be exposed to the elements.

For example, the pairing of Piero Lissoni’s Stone Tatami with borders in a honed finish in a contrasting colour, is the perfect way to evoke the understated, soothing atmosphere of Far East interiors, particularly when pale Crema d’Orcia and rich dark brown Pietra d’Avola are used.

However, if you’re more interested in creating depth and a more dynamic feel to an interior, Patchwork is ideal. Its three-dimensional surface interacts with the light, resulting in a striking feature wall that makes a statement without overpowering the décor.


Onsite support during the installation phase of the interior design process

We now come to the fourth and final step of the interior design process, which is the execution. It’s the moment the designs are brought to life, and for a while, the location becomes a worksite full of tradespeople, materials and, let’s face it, a little disruption.

To reduce the chaos that often comes with even the supposedly simplest renovation, we have developed a number of solutions designed to create a more efficient working environment.

The first of these is the way we pack our products. We sort them by colour and room, so that when they arrive onsite, there is no need to unpack crates and then move the various pieces into the area they are required. Not only does it save handling time, but also reduces the likelihood of breakages as the products are moved around.

Another service we offer is a laying pattern, which shows how to best lay tiles so that they optimise the natural or artificial light in such a way that the texture is showcased to its full potential.


Many of our products are also developed using a Plug&Play concept, designed to simplify installation so that it is fast, easy and intuitive and results in time and budget efficiencies.

All our products come with detailed instruction manuals while many also come with video tutorials. For our tiles, we also provide comprehensive technical specifications with full information on the characteristics of the stone and of course, our customer care team are available to answer any questions.

If you would like a Salvatori expert in person onsite, this can be arranged through our turnkey service, currently available in the UK and Italy. Salvatori-trained and certified tradespeople will work alongside your project manager, supervising all activities involving our products to ensure the final result is as beautiful and functional as the client envisaged when they selected our products.

In conclusion, if you are embarking on an interior design project and are looking for a partner who will help you a look that is timeless and elegant, whether for yourself or your client, we would love to be involved. From a simple bathroom makeover to a renovation or build from scratch, our team of experts can help you select the best materials, offer technical assistance and installation advice to ensure you are delighted with the result.

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